January 2019 Update Notes - Available Now!


The January 2019 Update is out now!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

What’s New?

:muscle:t4: New Hero

Faction_KLGIrregulars01 Jarek

  • Jarek is a "Brutal Fighter" who can deal massive damage to helpless enemies and set them up for follow-up attacks by his allies.

:tshirt: New Hero Skins

  • See the list of New Skins in the January 2019 Update below.
Rare (2) Common (4)
KLG Richter Champion Vanguard
Lord Castellan Parole Heckler
Code Blue Flatline
Desperado Clyde

:unlock: New Content

:world_map: District 13

:family_man_woman_boy: Team Level Cap Increased to Level 85

:sparkles: Max Grade Increased up to Platinum 5

:shopping_cart: Store & Fragment Location Changes

:dart: Bounty Changes

In an effort to keep competition between Alliances fair and balanced, we’re implementing a new cap on Bounty Event contributors.

Up to 25 members per Alliance will be able to attack Bounties, register score, and earn rewards. Any members beyond this contribution cap will be unable to participate in the event, and will receive a warning when they try.

This means that if somebody leaves your Alliance, you won’t be able to replace them with a pinch-hitter, and if you join another Alliance mid-event, you may not be able to contribute. We hope this will encourage Alliances to optimize their rosters and ensure that they’re prepared for the event appropriately. As this event is meant to be a battle between dedicated Alliances fighting on even footing, we feel that this will result in a more exciting play field near the top of the Leaderboards.


Wow, this is very interesting and will be an awesome improvement. Glad you guys recognized that this was becoming an issue.

I’m torn though on limiting it to exactly 25 and worry that it will be too restrictive. Smaller alliances for example might have someone join who turns out to be a freeloader, doing barely any damage. If they kick that member a few hours into the event, they’re now unable to replace them.

I wonder if imposing a rule on the player level would be better, as opposed to on the bounty level. For example, why not say that any player may only contribute bounty damage to ONE alliance. That would leave alliances free to kick low contributors and replace them and would also prevent alliance-hopping.


Is it?

Where can I find the hero stats and skill changes?

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i’m guessing it will be live after the bounty event…
I just can’t believe it would go live just before the end. So much risk to mess so much stuff at a critical time


Heh, thanks for bringing that up to my attention! Changed it to “out soon”. We’re trying to share Update Notes with the Community a little earlier than release :bowing_man:

Sorry to say, this update doesn’t contain any unlisted Hero specific Balance changes.


Thanks for the feedback! As it stands, the changes we outlined will be rolled out in the manner described. No caveats for player level or Alliance function or anything else, to keep it fair and consistent across all Alliances.

I was really thinking they would at least use Irregulars month to address Yanlong/Richter being among the worst heroes with worst passives in the frontline… pretty lame.


Any eta for when iOS update will go live?

The update as far as I know hasn’t been released yet. That is pretty crazy that there is no hero balance changes hmm seems like a lazy update to me because we still have quite a few heroes that need reworked? Unless there is going to be another smaller update to come out in the next few weeks?


Great Examples

Oro & Galante

on the bright side though, I love Heckler and Flatline’s new skin

Ok so do we know when the update will be available? Also no new legendary skin why? I was hoping cinder would have got a legendary skin that would have boosted klg irregulars or something…they are a really weak faction!

Also I agree with @BombBella about the alliance cap to only having 25 members contribute during bounty…I mean its a great idea and will help us near top 50 get a better shot at climbing towards the top…but what happens when we have a freeloader or an inactive member not playing during bounty and we need to fill that spot with an active member…we won’t be able to fill that spot it will just set there with no damge or activity

I think as long as they haven’t added damage to any bounty you can replace them

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Oh well that would work I guess as long as the person that would replace that person had not done any damge either…correct?

That would mean that an alliance can have 50/25 contributors, which is the very mischief that is sought to be rectified by the new rule.

I think the new rule is Bold and courageous on the part of HHG. I am not sure whether it will mean any material change in the top of the leaderboards because the players in the top teams have great rosters.

BUT I AM HOPING THAT IT DOES :slightly_smiling_face: It would be great if any of the top 5 who practice player rotation get pegged down then it shows where they really are as an alliance.

I’m pretty confident of mine :slight_smile:

I think the danger for non-producing players is, if they get axed mid bounty… they have nowhere to go. They have to join some team which has not filled up its 25/25 contributors yet. In this regard, firstly, it is unlikely that any top tier alliance has any empty slots and secondly, even if they do why would they want to run a risk of taking in someone who came out of nowhere or who just got axed.

That SHOULD incentivise all players in the top alliances to put priority on bounty to make sure they don’t get axed. It should DISINCENTIVISE slackers who punch below their weight because if their commanders run out of patience, out they go and their ability to claim any rewards is hampered (of course they can go to some rank 100 or rank 200 team but the drop is a steep one).

THE DOWNSIDE to the new rules is that, if for some reason a player is unavailable for the weekend or has a birthday or whatever and can’t play, the new rules make it harsh for the alliance that is now fighting under-strength.

Let’s see how it goes. Perhaps this time we may get the position we deserve.


sorry but I just plugged in. Does that mean that the January update will be released in a few days?

can we expect the release sometime this week or the week after?

I’ve seen this done in another game before and it makes perfect sense. This will prevent people from jumping around and gathering up tons of rewards for doing very little work. One thing I would like to see is the member cap change to 30. I find it a little strange that the amount of members is odd which means one person will not be able to trade with their alliance.

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I think that 30 players will make it even more unfair for the other alliances, that way the top will take in more strong players leaving the rest with more and more scraps