Suggested List of Improvements

Hi guys apart from the Gauntlet and Gorgon adjustments needed which are in another thread already, here are some additional things that, in my opinion, also need to be addressed:

[Edited as at 15 November 2018 to reflect some fixes that have been/will be deployed.]


  • PVP matchmaking algorithm took a step backwards
  • Nightingale too strong.
  • Fewer and fewer people are playing PVP.
  • PVP Draft: Everyone plays the same team configurations. Very boring after a while. Low participation rates.


  • Bounty spawn rate has to be significantly increased [Seems to have improved]
  • Summons cost has to be significantly lowered, otherwise being competitive is only a function of who spends more bucks.
  • Bonus heroes overperform everything else and hence, only bonus heroes count in bounties. Makes your entire roster of non-bonus heroes seem underwhelming.
  • If any further bounty changes are intended, please let community know beforehand. Perhaps you can consider bounties being a 2-day event instead of a 3-day event. But please carefully take feedback from the community before implementing major changes.

Daily Quests

  • Re-look at Gold for Bucks Exchange rate.


  • Fix Gold Samurai Swords pricing in Gauntlet Store - 3 for 1000 gauntlet gems and 5 for 700. [Fixed]
  • Introduce other plat gear items in Alliance Store like plat grenades/bullets/shoulders
  • Reduce occurrence for Gold and Plat Samurai Swords in Alliance Store
  • Raise occurrence for Gold and Plat Throwing Stars and Gold and Plat Throwing knives

PVP Store

  • Thank you for announcing the Matador discontinuance
  • Please replace Pris. Either that or buff her significantly. I’d bet that she’s the least purchased hero in the PVP Store. [Going to be fixed - thanks!!! Min will replace Pris]
  • If you replace Pris, replace her with a Mech hero. There are 4 bios, 4 energy and only 2 mechs in the PVP Store. I would love Caine but I’d be content with Savage or Elite Rifleman.


  • Increase Hard Mode frag farming to 5 runs per mission before reset.
  • Release District 12 and make it awesome :slight_smile:
  • Recalibrate bucks rewards in campaign missions - too low.


  • Prohibit carry ads and shunt them to a new channel called Coop Help
  • Increase the number of friends allowed
  • Make alliance members a separate group and enable us to see who is online in real time without needing to add them as friends

Items and Crafting

  • Did drop rates decrease? Very slow going now, seems worse than before. It is frustrating to spend huge amounts of stamina for no drops. Plat items especially.

Gauntlet and Gorgon Wakes feedback thread is here: Gorgon/Gauntlet needs some quality of life upgrades


  • Quick Win if your loadout power exceeds the recommended power by a factor of 1.5X or 2X
  • Ability to save your loadout for each sector
  • Sector 6, 7 or even 8. Preferably with decent maps not the 3rd map in Sectors 4 and 5.


  • Remove and replace this raid with something better.


User Interface

  • Allow us to filter Hero Gallery by Element (high priority!) and/or by Faction (low priority, would be nice but not essential)
  • Can we remove the red pips on heroes after the first time you are aware he has a potential upgrade?


Skill costs

  • Rescale Skill Costs to what is reasonable - It is VERY EXPENSIVE to skill up 1 hero, 4 skills, from level 60 to level 75 - the amount of BUCKS NEEDED IS TOO MUCH. NOT ENOUGH BUCKS AGAIN.

I agree with basically this whole list. Is Nightengale really still too strong? She has been nerfed so many times, she is basically useless for me, only heals 32,000 health as a level 75 gold+3 hero seven stars. Does she really need another nerf?

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Very good list. I would say this is likely a bit much for one month. Specifically when its posted during this month. Realistically this stuff wont be handled yet. However, some items are relatively easy to adjust and all are reasonable within the next few months imo.

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I think you’re dramatically over estimating the ability of the developers here. No offense meant. Based on previous updates, you could maybe hope for like a 1/5th of the content on this list.

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Added an additional suggested improvement to the UI as below:

User Interface

  • Allow us to filter Hero Gallery by Element ( high priority! ) and/or by Faction ( low priority , would be nice but not essential)
  • Can we remove the red pips on heroes after the first time you are aware he has a potential upgrade?

They are actually working on that or are at least have it on their list. They stated that in…can’t really remember…June or July or so? :sweat_smile:

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Fantastic list, agree with everything. It would definitely improve game experience and make it more enjoyable!

Just thought of Another Thing… do skills really need to cost so damn much?

Skill costs

Relook skill costs and rescale them to what is reasonable.

Let’s add the removal of xp rewards from crates. They’re already given out like candy in campaign. We don’t need them in crates as well.

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You do not even have all your heroes at level 75 and want less XP? I can just speak for myself, but if level 80 comes anytime soon I will struggel to upgrade just half of my heroes.

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I level my heroes as I have money to raise their skills. I’m OCD about wanting their skills maxed. So with 1 or 2 exceptions, that I just raised their color level, all of my heroes have max skills for their levels. So I bump 1 guy 1 level, max his skills again and move to the next guy. I have a dragon’s hoard worth of xp tokens.

Looks good, but you need at least 600k per hero to level him up from 75 to 80. So you need 24 Gold XP per Hero. 24 for 60 heroes are 1440 gold XP. Or 7200 silver XP. Given that you do not have all heroes at 75 yet, you will, if you upgrade them all to 80, at about zero XP left.

I do not demand more XP, it is fine as it is. But if they lower the XP income, we will all struggle in the long term. Since we at least need to upgrade our heroes to level 85 to max out all plat bars.

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I made a thread about this before and asked a dev in vip chat. They are working on it but had no ETA when I asked

I personally wouldn’t like her to be removed but rather buffed. I’m definitely biased as I have her at 10* but never use her :sweat_smile:

I’m actually working on pris, I need 1000 frags for a 10* :sweat_smile:

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Crazy to see people arguing in favour of keeping Pris in.

I mean, it’s totally rational on the individual level but, it’s crazy that the game is made in such a way that incentivizes getting as many frags as you can for a single hero regardless of whether you actually like/use them.

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Duuude, come on. For the player base as a whole man, not just for a few.

I trust its not coming from the same place as your ‘don’t touch Nightingale, nothin wrong with her’ comments!

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Wouldn’t be happy is she was removed, but it would be the same for me as matador, to bad, now I need another one haha

She really isn’t that bad though, she deals decent damage in a bounty

I agree with everything, but I hope they just expand the PVP store content instead of removing some cycles. =( People will be motivated to play more PVP if they have more options to buy with their PVP currency.

Hi HHG, we as a community are hoping you will deliver all the items on this list – thanks!! These things are what the game needs.