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That’s silver, try the 40 gold grenades you need for most heroes. It takes days

I feel buying gold isn’t quite bang for buck fun. If you’re a beginner in the game you could use everything. But once you’ve build a solid team, the chance that you get what you need from the gold you spend is increasingly lower. The new update will help resolving this with hero crates I think. But how about gold crates? I’m spending 100 gold on crates from which I get items that I already have 100+ spares from. Maybe the item selection script could take into account a list of things the player likely needs and apply a chance factor to even out the fairness accross player levels?

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We’ve collected this feedback from you all and feel we’ve addressed it in the 0.6 update. I’d like to hear you feedback once you’ve gotten to play the new content!

Thank you for your feedback. We want people to feel good when they spend their gold, so I’m sorry to hear this feedback. I’ll forward this on to the appropriate people here to think about how we can help the situation.

Would love a way to challange other specific players. At least within your own alliance. Your seldom so lucky that you’re matched against someone you recognize. Doesnt even need to be prizes, the bragging rights would work.
We also need a way to turn on notifications for alliance chats and raid invites.
Would also be cool to have a way to fight other alliances in the future.


@Samhain, Thanks for your feedback. We too feel the need to challenge other users or invite them to co-op. This is a feature that is on our list of things to add to the game. We are also looking into notifications idea as well.

I can’t say when these features will come, but they are on our radar.

Hey there,

I’ve been playing a lot lately, and got me many items. So I concluded that there are a lot of items you almost never use and have a ton of. Maybe give those junk items a purpose and create an item converting system/advanced crafting? Or another way those items can be usefull, like getting energy or bucks for them, or even gold.

Just an idea :angel:

Lucky :four_leaf_clover:


Maybe Make it so that you Can be friends with someone because if you join a clan they are not nessicary your friend Make it like playstation friend system or xbox friend system but gunrise themed

@Tranquilmoon606, this is something you can expect to see from us. We want this too.

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Serveral people from our alliance agreed that it would be neat to have a training mode, where you can play against your alliance mates in order to become more skilled.


And most important - the chans to get revenge on the boss of your own alliance! brooding over the two losses :triumph:


Maybe Make it that after a certain level or time that you Can get a different variations of heroes which are harder To level and give gear (Maybe like a chemical Jackson or mechanical oro ) this could be fun Maybe not the best idea but it makes fights cooler or Maybe Make a prestige mode with this as a reward

Since gauntlet became more balanced I’ve been grinding more bucks then I could imagine, hence my new idea: adding energy (and maybe gold with a really tiny rewarding chance) to item crates! A lot of items are not so usefull or you’ve got a ton of 'em already and hero frags are easier to collect through shops and co-op raids, so adding energy would make chests more interesting maybe? You could varry the amounts so starting with easiest to get 5 energy and hardest 40 maybe? Or higher amounts only through gold crates. Just an idea :angel:


Oh yeah and make the campaign characters playable:
Commander ( Maybe a ablity where he Can call reinforcements)
And pyromaniac
Ps i see the pyromaniac in the pvp picture but you cant play as him even though that picture was from the first gunrise version

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That’s because I’m the Freakpyromaniac


Hi there,

By far my favorite hero is Oro, he’s just absolutely a beast. His Nuke ability destroys about everything :bomb: .

Tho this skill is amazing his AI keeps using this ability far too often on just one enemy (which isn’t a problem when it’s the last one standing), while it’s way more usefull on big groups.

Could you please change this? Just like you changed Moss’ healing ability to only use when needed.

Thank you! :four_leaf_clover:

lol, @Freakpyromaniacs got you twice eh? don’t worry, next time I see him in PvP, I’ll try and get a revenge win in your honour :smiley:

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Yep. And after some weeks I am finally at a similar team power as you were. But I presume you didn’t stop growing you’re team either so if you don’t mind I’ll skip :wink:

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Make it so we Can add more then 1 account

If he comes out just upgrade the hell out off pyromaniac

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You can. After i reinstalled it after resetting the phone i got a second account as u have to replay the tutorial