Fiber Skill level going down when you level up

Now I don’t know whether this is a bug or an intended feature.

When I initially levelled up Fiber her Gold skill at level 96 gave me 9x additional damage
When I levelled her up to 10 stars and plat 3 it said 8x damage I guessed I might have misread the info initially.
Now when I levelled her up to plat 4 it shows me a 7x damage, which means that the damage level is going down the more you upgrade her

I checked the hero in a couple of other players list and confirmed the same.

“Fiber’s gold skill is reducing the more you level her up”

I do not know whether this is an error, a bug, or an intended feature but any thoughts on this appreciated.

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That sounds like a bug! We’ll investigate. For faster response in future, definitely report any issues through player support. This greatly speeds up issue resolution. Thanks!


Muninn to the rescue!

Thanks for question, I was going to ask the same thing. I have her to Ruby+2 and it just seemed like she wasn’t as efficient as when she was just Plat+6!

Hope you guys get the bug straightened out! She’s a great hero!

Now, after the latest update, the gold skill levels is correct according to your Fiber’s level…

But I think, as overall, the gold skill is nerfed down…
Gold skill at Ruby+0 only gives 5.26x damage now…

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