Hero Spotlight: Fischer

Icon_ElementBio Fisher


  • “Master Infiltrator” A masterful controller. An opportunistic attacker who dominates his foes with a deadly combination of damage and survivability.

Primary Weapon – Assault Rifle


Grapple Dash

Bronze Skill
Fischer rappels towards the target with his hook, dealing damage and stunning the targeted enemy for a period of time. If the enemy has a higher max health than Fischer’s current Health, they take additional damage equal to a percentage of their remaining damage.



Silver Skill
Lockdown Lays a trap at the targeted location. The Trap triggers whenever an enemy approaches dealing damage per second and slowing their movement speed. Lockdown lasts until the tethered enemy leaves the area, or after a period of time.



Gold Skill - Passive
Whenever Fischer is damaged he has a percent chance to activate Submerge for a period of time. While Submerge is active, Fischer becomes cloaked and improves his weapon damage.


Platinum Skill - Passive
Whenever an enemy is killed, Fischer gains a charge of Wetwork for a period of time. Each charge of Wetwork improves Fischer’s weapon damage and provides a boosted chance to evade enemy attacks.

Where can I get Fisher?

  • You can find Fischer Fragments in the next PvP Tournament

What do you think of Fisher?



Wow this one is a deadly guy!

Hopin they release a splinter cell inspired character someday… That will be cool​:grin::grin::grin:
Maybe they can give him a pistol as a basic weapon and multiple weapons as skill like hardscope or dogface​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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That would be a pretty awesome hero!

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