Fix PvP mitic milestones

PvP mitic milestones are crazy. At elite position I would get 150 gammond fragments but at mitic, what should be better, I got only 80 and no quick win ticket. Please open the legendary division and improve the mitic milestones.

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I don’t see a problem. You just have to perform better. In Elite you would get 150 fragments, which is top 15% (Division 4). It looks like Division 4 in Mythic will have more than 150 fragments.

The groupings for Divisions change, not just because of swapping from Elite to Mythic, but also due to how many people are participating, so Division 4 might not always say “top 15%”.

Mythic rewards do seem really bad in comparison to Elite. You could score 50 million in Elite, get top 7%, and be rewarded with 175 frags, 3k gems, 1.4mil bucks, and some qw tickets. A score of 50 million in Mythic won’t even get you into top 200 so you’ll get around 125 frags, 2k gems, and 1.9 million bucks. The bucks slightly increase, as does stamina, but you won’t get any qw tickets.

As someone who’s more focused on adding stars, I’d rather stay in Elite for as long as I can. Mythic Top 50 is better than Elite Top 7%, but to place top 50 in Mythic, you’d have to score around 125 million points, and again, Elite Top 7% takes around 50 million currently. Mythic Top 100 is around 90 million at the moment with worse rewards than Elite Top 7%.

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You need 131m rn to get in division 4 in mythic. New bracket is long overdue


Agreed. It does feel like Mythic is super crowded and opening up the Legendary tier is long overdue, specially now that the level cap is increased to 100 and the # of new heroes released.

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