Mythic vs Elite bracket rewards

I recently moved into the mythic bracket and after two pvp events im noticing the rewards are less for the higher bracket (mythic) unless your in the top 200. I usually do around 10 mill in pvp and that would get me 100-125 frags for Elite but thats only good enough for 80 frags in Mythic. Also you get 500 less pvp gems. Around 600k more cash is the only increase im getting but yall can keep the cash we need stamina and frags. Can we please think about restructuring the rewards fir the Mythic bracket.

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You’re getting less because Mythic is more competitive so you rank lower

Top 7% in elite has more frags than top 100 in mythic. Which makes no sense


@Gale Shouldn’t that be the case for all bracket promotions then? I remember going from champion to elite and the rewards were nearly doubled for the same amount of work. Looks to me like only the top 250 people in mythic get the decent rewards. The divisions still need to be reworked imo.


Yes, but in higher bracket you get better rewards from pvp crate, 8 frags for example.

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Yah for same damage in ellite i take 175 frag and now 100 frag

Agree with the rest; for PVP events with featured heroes, Elite gives better rewards for the same effort than Mythic. Stay below Mythic.

For Faction Fights and Brawls, it is also the same EXCEPT that the bottom tier rewards for Mythic are better than Elite. Therefore if you’re a 90-100 percentile guy, Mythic is better for these pvp events. However if you’re a pusher, then Mythic is alot more competitive than Elite.

Mythic was good at the beginning but now probably are around 2000 players there. And 90% are competitive. Which is good for this game. Plus as you now are in mythic with a bit more effort and game time I am sure will be better then elite. Good luck on mythic mate and keep your hard work.

They need to open the next bracket up plenty of people should be in it now

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Crank is nearly 2m which would surely be the next bracket past 1.5m as well :joy:

Probably the 1.75 first would be ideal for the moment

I moved up to mythic without noticing but did notice the pvp rewards is lower. :confused:

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