The mythic league rank rewards

so it goes from top 20 to 15%… but every pvp event has had 50 total members in mythic league. so it will be impossible to make top 15% rewards because top 15% of 50 is 7-8 members? top 25% of 50 is 12-13 members… this basically means it will be impossible for anyone to get the division 4, 5, 6 and 7 rewards… and they just edited this, this is the first tournament they changed the ranks. so to not get the worst rewards you have to make top 20, why even include those other divisions if they’re numerically impossible to rank?


I have checked and i dont think this is the case.

The 100% base is probably fixed, a reasonable figure (not just 50!) such that those 50 players wont be punished for grinding (and paying) their way to meet the 1.25m to 1.5m requirement of mythic

Kudos to devs for taking this into consideration

I really like the fact that bracketing is now implemented. But I see the problem with Mythic (1.25m to 1.5m Team Power) where the population is like, 58 players. These guys are your top, top, top best of the best players.

Many of them - if not all - are also the ones who are super high VIP. If there were a tier for VIP 30 I would not be surprised if half or more of the Mythic players qualified for that.

Forcing a small population of 58 players into 10 Divisions and dividing the reward tiers among them so thinly effectively punishes them for being right on top.

A better reward system is necessary for them, no doubt about it.


I was just curious how the VIP status is distributed in the Mystic area:

Take a look at the Legendary area. I think Hades X (1.475 million) and Puffy 601 (1.478 million) are playing alone in this area next month. (You then have to think about who gets the 50K or the 40K Heronium)