Mithycal PvP Division is crowded

Mithycal PvP Division is crowded. Please open the legendary.

It makes no sense I score 26mi points and get less milestones than someone who scored 12k at Elite Division


You could also notice that the Rank Rewards are more tiered and have a fixed rank cut-off compared to lower brackets % based rewards. It is meant to be more competitive.

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There is a lot of players close to 2mi of power. They should open the legendary division soon.


I think we have enough players for legendary rankings. Mythic was done when players were approaching 1.6 mill. Now we have players reaching 2 mill with me personally not that far behind. Make mythic 1.25-1.5 mill and legendary 1.5 mill+. Your top players deserve this. :slight_smile:


I agree with Ares, HH developer have to increase Mithycal reward to be fair,

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No, its just a tier depending on how high you are, doesn’t mean you need super rewards everyone deserves the same for the same effort they do, if a level 20 does more work than a level 90 the level 20 deserves more

s’il vous plaît développeurs de HH veuillez revoir aussi les récompenses en catégorie ÉLITE

actuellement je suis 1er premier en PvP ELITE ( marlowe+ Alcatraz)
et j’aurais même pas les récompenses d’un joueur top 100 en Mythique

nous en ÉLITE, nous travaillons très dure pour maintenir nos top 1 pour après pas avoir les récompenses d’un joueur top 100 mythique

veuillez me donner une réponse s’il vous plaît

Level 20s #1 isn’t anywhere close to a level 90s #1 in pvp tournaments. Current beginner #1 is 30 million points #1 in mytic is 1.3 billion.

You get what I mean, Its not for how far you are but what are the right rewards to give you at your level and how much work you spend on it

Yeah… we’ve been ready for new bracket… let’s do it HH . :call_me_hand:t2:

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Up vote. Yes this would be a good improvement.

You also get more points and have more heroes, or higher powered heroes to select from in the mythic category. Not that it evens things out, just pointing that out as well.

Regardless, I agree that legendary should be opened now. The next highest bracket (Elite) has a 250,000 point gap. Mythic right now has around a 500k gap when you look at the lowest power teams vs the highest power (excluding the top of the top that are already level 100). There should be plenty of players in that bracket already, and more to follow soon, so why not open it up?

Feedback has been noted and passed on. Thanks!


Total agreement, open the Legendary please. Its past time by far. :slight_smile:

Mythic bracket definitely needs less members. Please open the next tier or PvP. I was extremely good in elite bracket and now in mythic I can’t even make top 100.

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There are 2 similar posts going on at the moment surrounding this same topic so I will bring my argument from the other over here as well, hoping that more people can see how things could potentially be implemented (if possible, I know Muninn will say it hasn’t been done yet for a reason :wink: )

Linked post: Master War Bracket - #6 by Gale

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I think it should start at 1.75 as then legendary will soon be overcrowded and we will be in the same situation. Mythic could be extended from 1.25-1.75 then legendary. You have to think with the rate new heroes are dropping it does add 25-30k on your account when that hero gets maxed. So 1.75 I think is better then legendary starting at 1.5.

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