Pvp tips and tricks you might not know

Hello there! In this post im going to be showing you a few tricks you might or might not know yet for pvp, most of them work in raids to but not as good

1 Reload Trick : when you have just reloaded and let’s say your disoriented and dont wanna shoot? Shoot one bullet out of your magazine and reload to 90 percent, then press an ability but not let go, shove your finger off of it and you will cancel it, but when you empty your mag you only have to reload that 10% remaining time you had

2 : Prevent spawn killing : Sometimes in a match you start off and get wiped off in just seconds, i don’t know if this is a glitch or intended but all the bots immediatly shoot the first opponent that comes in screen, mostly the backline which is why that often happens, try immediatly switching cover as most bots will stop shooting at you, giving you an advantage

3 tip : When you are going to use an ability don’t press and release, with skills that charge up for example they don’t lose charge if you hold the button and then get stunned, thus sparing your ability, i find this usefull with surge as he charges up 2 seconds and if he gets stunned he loses it, hold it and you won’t

4 : Some opponents hide behind cover, but what if i told you that most covers have a gap underneath them that you can shoot through

That was all for this list, if i find anything else i will update this list, hope you learned something new!


That reload trick is interesting but looks more like a way around the game mechanics unless there is a built-in compensation (help) of some sort. It explains why I experience fast reloads sometimes. Must also have your skills ready, by then it would be more useful to actually use them or in case of disorientation switching to another hero.

One tip that I can think of, at the start of a PVP match don’t focus fire a target if you don’t want to draw its attention to your current hero being piloted. It seems that the bot will target the highest threatening hero to it (based on damage I guess). This is from experience and I could be wrong.

Hero’s heads peak over the top of the barrier anyway so u can still hit headshots but that’s interesting lol

There a way to work around the thing where mid liners get knocked all the way back to rear line and then have to run back to their spot while they’re being murdered by your opponent. Only noticed it happen to cinder and callidus.

I know for a fact that shivs and these other tiny muppets can hide behind cover without being shows

Nope, when this happens usually its the medic that goes down, but sometimes its my frontline to, dpeends if you draw to much attention, like steele for example after he shoots a while everyone starts targeting him