Flatline revived herself

As the title says
How can she be revived by herself I saw this 2 times in a pvp battle not the same battle 2 separated battles but still how does she does it I cant find something in her skils that says she can revived herself
And NO the enemy team didnt had a plat ifrit so that wasnt the problem it was just night butter flatline ryker and dogface
So none of the can be revive a team mate
And YES I saw the red cross in her name and her health bar was empty and I saw her dieing and after a couple seconds she just stooy up and joined the fight again

I saw a similar issue frequently. Gold Ifrit was reviving heroes. Worse yet, heroes we’re being revived multiple times. Yes, there also seems to be an issue with Flatline when she’s using her revive skill and is killed at the same time she gets revived.

One battle, we both had Flatline. This was before Ifrit BTW. I used her revive and it revived the enemy flatline… I was really pumped.

There is some issue with revives currently:

  • Ifrit revived my opponent’s Dogface twice (no Flatline in play).

  • my opponent’s Flatline revived herself (no Ifrit in play)

  • another one like… JUST happened… Ifrit revived Panzer twice. No Flatline in play. Opponent’s lineup (Missy Linda) was Panzer, Oracle, Wesson, Nightingale and Ifrit. Killed Oracle and Panzer and Wesson, then reloaded. Panzer revived, killed her again. Panzer revived AGAIN, killed her again. Then killed everyone else.

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Revive mechanic are bugged af. It gets even worse when both revivers are together.

Flatline’s gold ceases to function after being revived by Ifrit, Ifrit will revive someone else if his current target is revived by Flatline, even if said hero has already been revived, Ifrit plat will cease to function after being revived by Flatline (all allied heroes lose their charges to resurrect when Ifrit dies).

Not to mention the instances when somebody revives as an unkillable target or gets stuck running on the spot until it’s killed again (its been a few weeks since I’ve seen these, so they could be solved already)

Just got another one.

Opponent ([TERRA] Zacrious): Panzer, Wesson, Ifrit, Mandrake and Nightingale.
Me: Panzer, Mandrake, Flatline, Nightingale and Oracle.

I killed Panzer, Panzer revived, I killed her again.

I killed Wesson.

PANZER REVIVED INSTEAD OF WESSON. I had to, and did, kill her again.

Killed the rest.

Definitely bugged.

If you think it’s a bug, best way to get it looked at is to contact the Support desk, answer all of their questions, and go from there!