Running bounty in the background

Maybe it’s an idea, to let us run a bounty in the background like a patrol, but we’re still able to do other things in this game.

Right now you’re busy for at least 36~ minutes, if you use 6 teams, you can’t do anything in the game besides just waiting, which is a lot since 2 hours later the same happens.

It would take away the purpose of bounty to hunt down the enemy. It would be just like bounty but with a random damage done to the enemy.

The bounties get mind numbing boring after the first hour. It’s the same handful of enemies on the same couple maps over and over and over.

Not only that, the matches last what, 2 minutes with no speed increase on auto play? Would love to see the time on them brought down to a minute without as much switching to new areas and lower health pools to compensate. At the very least let us auto play at increased speeds.

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They should just make it one target for everybody, like a raid boss instead so they can get rid of that bounty found screen whenever your doing normal stuff.

i just run the bounty, but let it auto play.

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