For the sake of Laziness!

After evolving any hero upto 10* from hard missions (eg., beck, ryker, nightingale, cross)
It is a bit frustrating to farm heronium gems… Like going from district 13 to district 1-2 isn’t something which saves our time…
Removing find in fragments option from maxed hero may be a good idea(I don’t know why but, devs must have some reasons for this)
But,we need that option to quickly switch on their respective district to farm heronium.

I am talking about that FIND IN/FRAGMENTS option.
Time saving option!


Yeah, CONVENIENCE matters!


I quite like the idea, it’s small but it’s what makes the game, good footage of it to so we clearly understand what you’re trying to say


I know m not good with my English that’s y posted those pics to clarify.

Great idea. It’s usefull when you want to farm some heroniums or a specific fragment.

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