Using the same levels I understand, I’m guessing creating a new level/area is a LOT of work.

I don’t understand the rational behind the rewards though, so one for the Dev’s.

Anyone in a position to take on extreme is without doubt high level and way over 700 stars, if not 800. It’s again highly probable these players have a reasonable heronium income just through normal day to day play.

So what’s with the frags on offer? Night, Ryker, Cross etc? Again if you’re on this area chances are you maxed out these guys a longgg time ago and the can get the heronium for 1/2 the stam cost in ‘hard’ areas.

It would be nice to see frags from more recent characters as a reward, not necessarily the newest but maybe from around the Yeager/Bucket timeline? Anything that’s not already available in ‘hard’ missions really.

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The frags are the same as the hard missions I believe, it is unknown if they will change with hard mode changes.

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Thery’re not the same, just starter toons. I’m asking for the reasoning behind it.

I could totally see some Extreme missions offering some more exclusive hero frags such as newer heroes and even a few gilded guys.

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The benefit of Extreme missions is being able to get Ruby Gear, and bragging rights, knowing your team is one of the most powerful in the world. Extreme mode isn’t designed to make Hero fragments easier to farm, or to allow access to rare Heroes. Every feature has a specific purpose and a specific design. Extreme mode isn’t for farming rare Heroes.


Ya, I just viewed the hero frags as a bonus. The real reason to do extreme missions is for the ruby gear.

It doesn’t have to be rare heroes or gilded, it just seems very repetitive using the same heroes that are already available in campaign when there’s another 80+ to choose from.

It’s either this, or no Hero fragments at all. We decided to add the same fragments to give players an easier way to farm specific Heroes and get more Heronium. There are no plans to add any other Heroes, for the reasons explicitly stated above.


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