Your OP heroes memories?

I haven’t been in the game since its launch but, I’ve been here for almost a year and a half, and there are a lot of funny memories but, I want to point this threat to OP Heroes.

If you let me begin, I remember the first time I had to face Savage; a very fast reload of his bronze skill (which usually he didn’t need to use twice in a match) and the most important thing, this skill used to hit all the heroes and every single hit used to push them, so basically nobody was able to stop this skill once it was activated.

I completely understood the importance of meta in pvp until I realized how useful Fortress was in March.

His silver’s charge and blast was a really great energy burst skill until his UNNECESSARY nerf.

His silver was the ONLY thing that made him great

Imo nothing was more op than when platinum skills became available and halo was bugged. Her and baron would dominate a team in 2-3 seconds.

Old Gammond… I loved his pre-nerf Kill Shot :cry:

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Legendary Skinned Nightingale, she had everything, focused fire, passive heal, team heal

Still useful even after multiple nerfs

Launch panzer and oracle.

Savage vs low levels

Fortress before panzer and silver skill nerf

Back in beta when Razorback could chain his shields and it would deal damage equal to 2x the shield health


Did we ever get an answer as to why Fortress was nerfed? I don’t think anyone ever even asked for it, so I don’t understand why they literally destroyed Fortress.

I never knew how to use him cause every single time I activate his skill (the one which healts and deals damage to all the heroes) he only used to recover some healt.

I also remember Heckler and his projectiles when he used to shot to every single hero in the match.