Quality of Life Changes

All of the changes aren’t game changing, just more convenient.

Make a way to select frag amounts in stores, its really annoying when i want to dump gems into a certain hero frag, but the 3 frag deal keeps coming up. Maybe have a selection screen with all the hero portraits that when clicked, instead of showing the confirm purchase text, show another screen with the 3, 5, 10 amounts, with a cancel button. To buy more, youd have the restock button like usual.

Also add the random frags to gorgon wakes so we have more incentive to do them besides for daily quests. Remove the frag limit on the main co ops since we already have reduced rewards (from 6 to 4).

This might be a huge buff for him but make Hardscope’s Gold charge slightly every second intead of all at once at 3 seconds. (Ex. Instead of boosting his attack by 9k at 3 seconds, he gets boosted by 3k every second capping out at 3 charges.)


Good opinions i hope HHG respond to this and good luck :slight_smile:

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I like the suggestion to Hardscope. He’s very underrated with his plat, but it takes a great amount of patience. I personally like the fact that you have to patiently wait before you shoot (maybe each charge boosts his attack by 7k for every 3 seconds he stands out of cover, to a maximum of 3 charges total. (21k maximum), rewarding players for patiently waiting until the right time to fire.


Thanks for the suggestions! As always, I’ll pass them onto the team, but I can’t promise anything.


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