This network issue icon is nonsense

Lost 5 matches because of this
I can’t do anything, I have no control
I’m on 4G+ network, even when PvP is working smooth and fine, still get this icon

Contact the support in game, since no one here can help you with account related issues.

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I also get that icon even when I am playing fine without any problem. My theory has been that it notifies that the opponent is lacking connection or “left the match” / closed the app.

It is not account related issues
I have 3 friends that play Hero Hunter’s, they all have this problem

And I’m pretty sure my network connection it’s fine, I play Pubg, War friends and world tank blitz without any problem, only game that show me this icon even when game is working prefectly and smooth, its Hero Hunter’s, and only on PvP matches

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Yeah, it could be :thinking::thinking:
but today for me was so weird because I had no control icons on screen, and no auto play option

The connection issue does not have to be your home router/modem, or your service speed. It could be heavy traffic anywhere along the net between you and the game server(s). Particularly when large hubs are attempting to redirect traffic, there is going to be lag. If you die once or twice, because of it, might be wise to take a break from PvP for a bit. But in many instances there is probably nothing you, nor HHGs can do about it.

So it is a software issue and still no one here can help you with that. Same solution as a account related issue, contact the support.

This absolutely is a case for in-game support. The forums are not meant to function as technical support in any capacity. Any dev that sees this thread will close it and redirect you to account support because that’s what it’s there for.


It’s a game issue, not an account issue. The fact that this issue impacts a wide array of players is evidence enough. As Ahora has said, I too can play any other game, much more demanding, ie PUBG and this is the only game that has the connection problem. Perhaps a work around can be done to mitigate the damage to the victimized player(s). Would be great to not have to lose PvP health or pts during Drafts because of this issue.

You are misunderstanding.

This is the community forum - it is a place for the community to share discussion. All technical issues should be directed toward in-game support.

Nowhere did I say that he had an account issue. I suggested he contact in-game support in an effort to be helpful because those are the only people that can help him.

That’s true. However, I get the feeling that whenever game-wide issues are brought to support they ask for screenshots, full detail of issue, date and time along with timezones that event occurred. After providing this info, the ticket sits for several days and then the “this message will be closed appears.”. Perhaps if Support just said thanks, we’ll look into this matter as they do with account issues then the masses wouldn’t come here looking for answers. At least for me, this is a suitable response. However, closing the message without any notice of receipt of information that was requested was and will be investigated, it sure seems as though support can’t be bothered with our concerns. Sure makes one think that support isn’t doing anything.

The support system could definitely use an improvement. But it’s still better than nothing, which is what you’ll get from the forums.

I get the same but I usually also get something like this “thanks we are looking in to this but got no eta on a fix” which isn’t the best but it’s acceptable

Occurs with me too as I use only mauler halo combo teams so I used to finish match in least than a minute but when this network issue happens I lost all my matches and bonus heroes too…

Bad connection in PVP? Or any other online feature within the game? You must be new here. The game servers have been overdue for an improvement for a while.

we put that on forum cuz the technical support is really bad … the answer is the same always the same ( check ur connection … look if there is no app running in background … they always say its the player fault … they never say “we are sorry we know that there is latency issue because you fight all around the world !!!” and we want HOTHEAD to really do something about that. pvp is the farming way. pve is pointless and other things are just daily task. the only moment u can see what is ur strengh is on pvp !
so maybe change the random opponent all around the world. get server ! dont launch a pvp fight if latency player is bad ! hot head are aware about that and they just show that they really dont care … for a pure pvp game where a lot of people have latency issue …

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