Full Guide For Hero Hunters

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This is the full guide for Hero Hunters

source from Hothead Games

If you are a starter, i recommend you to thoroughly read through the guide

(For starters)
There are 6 categories of heroes

DPS - heroes that deal large amounts of damage
Healer - heroes that replenish HP (Health points)
Shielder - heroes that grant shields to allies
Support - heroes that buff/strengthen allies
Debilitator - heroes that decrease the enemies effectiveness and harasses them
Tanks - heroes that can soak up damage

hero stats:
HP - Health points
Armor - Reduces base damage of opponent
Critical hit - a shot that deals increased damage and bypasses armor which is randomly based on percentage chance
Crit chance - increases the chance of hitting critical hits

campaign difficulties:

Normal - follows the storyline with the normal amount of enemies
Hard - contains more elemental enemies with increased stats, still follows storyline
Extreme - new and odd loadouts, enemies are extremely deadly. requires proper prepping and near maxed out heroes to pass. doesn’t follow storyline

Your first hours / level 1-20:

You will start off with several standard heroes followed by the campaign. These heroes should be worked on until you are around level 20. These are in the following order: Ryker-Nightingale-Butter-Cross-Dogface-

You might want to keep upgrading butter and nightingale. These will be decent support to get you throughout the further districts.

Ryker is decent damage for early game. Though his damage eventually won’t be enough. So it’s recommended to replace him for a different DPS or take a second one like cross for example

Kunochi will be unlocked early game. She has low HP but can deal a lot of damage. Upgrading her can be a good choice depending on your team

At this level you will learn the basics of the game as well as unlocking more events and heroes

The best way to progress further into the game is to reach as far as you can in the campaign , as stamina cost is low you should easily be able to complete a lot of districts, this will help you get certain items faster as well as unlocking achievements.

Your First days / level 20-40

from now you will start to max out Hard mode as much as possible. This will earn you lots of gold that you will need later! At this level the best use is to get more heroes

You should often check in on your achievements, events, spend stamina and do your gauntlet every day. Gauntlet is important as it is one of your biggest incomes for money!! Achievements are quickly earned at this level, These give nice goodies that can come in handy like: gold, stamina, quick win tickets and more!

Also be sure to keep up with your daily quests as these are a solid way to earn XP.
Now that you might have gained some gold you should spend it on getting more suitable heroes!

The best crates to buy are in the following order:

  1. Feature (if available) these give better chances on new heroes. Which are likely to have high power and come at high stars!
  2. Step up (if available) these feature a good chance on the new hero. As well as a guaranteed 3+ star, buying many of these will give guaranteed heroes but will come at a high price
  3. Hero crates, these are the standard issue crates that give a guaranteed 3 star or higher

When you are nearing 30-40 you should have quite a few heroes to choose from. A recommendation to make is to have

1 damage dealer (with a backup from a different element) your damage dealer should be the highest of all to be able to take out the heroes you need gone the most.
1 or 2 shielders (you should include butter. He is amazing)
1 or 2 healers (nightingale is fine. Though others are recommended over her)

If you still have a slot left I recommend a booster/support. Which is a hero that can grant your team more damage or survivability.
Also be sure to include a variety of elements to make it tougher for the enemies

Alliances: From now Alliances are a good way to go. In an alliance you can contribute to special events and play other game modes like war, do patrols and bounty!
These are a great income of fragments and it should be mandatory to find a fitting alliance willing to help you achieve your goals!

Your first weeks / level 40-60

At this point you should have a good team composition,
You should know just about how the game works. You will likely find yourself in need of help on the topic of good teams. A good way to find help is to join the community!

Discord: an app where you can easily start chats and join our community server. Here there are always people who would love to help.

Vip: if you are willing to spend a fee. Vip will be unlocked. This will grant bonuses to ease progressing as well as unlocking VIP Chat. This is a more active chat than Global where a large amount of the playerbase chats.
Here you can post your current heroes making exchanging ideas very easy!

Forums: here people can create posts. Arranging from Hero Concepts to even Alliance Recruitments, here the news can also be found. Like update notes, event calendars and more. It is a great place to create discussions and search for the info you need!

At this level you might start getting troubles at leveling, progressing campaign and increasing your heroes power
As mentioned before. Do your dailies. Spend stamina and keep getting as much out of every day as possible.

The next thing you want to do is get a 10 star hero. The easiest way to do this is to seek for a hero that drops fragments daily. I can’t speak of what heroes are good for, as I might speak of the past. So the best way is to ask our community! Getting a 10 star is your NO.1 goal for now!

If you are feeling like you can do more in the meanwhile, you can prepare for golden heroes! Gold, platinum and ruby abilities are passive boosts that can drastically change the way your character plays!

Your first months / level 60-80

Leveling up gets pretty hard now. It’s just as important to stay active and keep up with alliances. Playing together to achieve your goals is mandatory. Especially to help you reach for your first 10 star! It is still your priority. Until then all you can do is start preparing for Platinum heroes!

Platinum heroes can greatly impact how they play. Be sure to ask advice from players to help you get the best teams possible!

When you are nearing level 80 you should be near or have a 10 star. Now you should concentrate on farming Heronium you get from the 10 stars. Every fragment is converted into heronium! With this you can buy frags on a daily basis, the more 10 stars the more heronium you farm. Gold is still best used for heroes. Though it can aid in getting stamina, skill points or money which can be an issue now

Your first few months / Level 80-90

At this level you might have found yourself some more freedom, so on getting in touch with the real pvp. Getting real crazy combos and experimenting is a possibility now and it’s what you should be doing.

Getting in touch with the community is a good way of doing this without wasting resources. I do recommend you have vip at this point. As vip is the most active and constantly has people willing to help

Co-op mission will give good rewards now. Trading is a way to extend those rewards to a higher level, Trading is using your daily win with another person. Then the other person sents theirs back. Which means double rewards!

Your main goal is still getting as many 10 stars as possible. Eventually heronium won’t be much an issue anymore. The goal should eventually be to be able to buy out at least all the frags without hitting 0 every day.

You should have very versatile teams and variations of those to help you out. Yet again i recommend you to ask the community for help.

At this point it’s recommended to use 2 DPS to increase the chance to have the right element and enough damage to strategically take out your opponent

6 months to a year / level 90-95

It’s time to start grinding. From now on you will enter the end game part of the game. You should be trying to get as far as possible in extreme mode. Extreme mode is difficult so help from the community is recommended.

You should mainly be focusing on getting XP. Getting to level 95 will enable you to upgrade heroes to ruby. But it’s a really long grind. It can take months. Luckily extreme mode is a very viable way to make XP.

You should be going into the millions of power. Here is a guide for extreme mode! Ghastly's Extreme Guide from 1-1 to 5-7

To get you on the topic of rubies. Ruby abilities are a passive boost that tremendously increase the effectiveness of your hero. As of now there are 3 ruby paths.

  1. “Tanked Up” which increases damage to cover tremendously and gives bonus armor.
  2. “Supported” which increases armor and gives increased chance to dodge. The reason behind this is that mostly a support is AI controlled. Which means that the chance the hero will try to evade an incoming ability is increased
  3. “Doing Damage” tremendously increases base damage and gives a 30% skill charge on the bronze. This is probably the best path. It can make a hero from bad to insanely good!

Ruby level is a whole different story. In campaign enemies will have a lot of HP and can come with crazy numbers and insane damage, passing some levels may take weeks of preparing the right heroes.
every extreme missions is different and requires different strategies

Pvp on the other hand is a lot different. From my experience it’s more about damage than good combo’s. Mostly your enemy will have a hero with “doing damage” these heroes are extremely deadly. So with that said it’s more of a race who kills the other DPS first. Which also explains why some people use multiple DPS to increase their chance of having the right element at the right time. Support isn’t a big issue as the only support that matters is what helps at the first few seconds. Which is how long most matches might last. Also here the community can help you get good teams and give useful tips.

If you want to maximize your skills and learn other tricks, be sure to check out the forums for some tips. There are a lot of posts that can share some neat tricks!

That wraps this guide up. I hoped this will helped you out to become the best player you can be!


Nice work! I like how you split it up by different stages and levels. For your final section on 95 to ruby I would recommend pointing to the extreme mission guide :smiley:

I have been too busy to finish my comprehensive guide, good to see another community member making their own guide and take on the game! Keep it up

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My fear of linking your guide was if they for some reason took it down. And incredible thanks for the positive feedback. This means such a lot to me :purple_heart:

Great work on the Guide :blush::+1: . I always find new players asking questions about the Game. Now I can point them to this Post. This would be of great help for them to grow quickly in the Game .


Hardscope and Ghoul are the go to for frag grinding. Although they start off as 1* and 2* respectively, after finishing 9-7 on hard mode you will be able to get 18 frags for Hardscope and 15 frags for Ghoul per day. Once they’re 10*, that’s 33 frags worth of heronium per day, applicable to any hero you have. If your sole focus is to grind stars, your next best targets are those that appear only on in hard mode: Ryker, Nightingale, Cross, Gammond, Beck. Pris is the only other hero with more than 9 frags a day (at 15), but 2 of those are near the end of hard mode and have a high energy per frag cost.

You can achieve 60 frags worth of heronium from just hardmode per day given energy from every 3 minutes, time based log in bonuses, and videos. You also get 8 quick win ads to use on the higher energy costing levels. Beyond this, I’d recommend farming frags in gauntlet and PvP. Good heroes for this include Mandrake, Hivemind, Flatline, Keel, Fortress. Most heroes appear frequently in the stores so I’d suggest going with whoever you prefer.

Currently, I can get around 120 frags worth of heronium a day through a combination of hardmode and a couple PvP restocks. The hindrance is that free to play players are limited on restocks so your daily income will be reduced. Therefore, Matador, Surge, Maven and Cinder will come in useful due to their daily quest rewards.

It took me about 8 months to get my first 10* from start, having made a spreadsheet after 5 months to track daily frag income for each hero to determine who would be fastest (it was lockdown and I was bored lol). I now average about 60 frags of heronium a day as an 1+ hours of PvP a day can become a grind. This is enough to buy all the frags for one element a day. Continue this for 41 days, and you’ve gone from 5* to 10*. This is not including frags from alliance related events like bounty and crate.

Anyways, thanks for reading this if you have I’ve never actually shared the details about the spreadsheet but if you wanna know more just reply to this and I’ll see if I can help.


I have a friend who just started out. He immediately asked if i had any help available. Now i don’t have to explain in person XD

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Thanks mate. This helped out a lot. Pretty sure i can come far with this!

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Nice work brother…

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