Tier list/official guide?

I am fairly new and so am wondering what heroes to aim for, what to spend my gold on and how do I even get to the point where I can get super high rank heroes? Is it only through paying for crates or is there a farm later? If theres a farm, when do I get to it? Is there any way to farm universal fragments as I don’t really like gambling on upgrading my favourite heroes. Basically I’d just like pointers and help but can’t seem to find any as the subreddit is completely dead.

Universal frags are farmed easily from patrol crates, be in a good alliance to get higher rewards form them, hero; reccomend verril, and kreiger, they are good starters to aim at powering, there are plenty others but each hero has a specific skill set, it’s how you play and pair them that matters, as far as healers go, try kobold, bucket, maybe moss if your very new, but aim for higher ones like Duran if you get them,

Edit; gauntlet is the best way to get cash; log in multiple times in short sessions to spend stamina and skill points so they refresh later,

There is a full guide for this game. Maybe it helps

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