Need Suggestions(new player wanna have most of this game:fun)

I have been playing this game for 5 days. I am at lvl 35. I have 12 characters:
Elite Rifleman(3*)
All level 35.

I have few questions.

  1. What are some great team that can be formed from these characters for Campaign, PVP, Guantlet, etc.
  2. There is a starter pack:5* Odaichi with some other things for 750 Gold. Should I go for it?
  3. Should i save up 2700 gold for 10× hero crates or buy it one by one first?
  4. From Guantlet, PVP and Alliance stores should I buy the fragments of the characters which I already have or spend those to unlock new ones?

I would be thankful if someone guide me.
Thanks A2A

Answering from heroes you own:

  1. For campaign, you need damage dealer heroes: Cinder, Kunoichi, Beck
    Healers: Nightingale, Matador, Caine, Halo
    Supporters: Caine, Butter
    For pvp: Kunoichi, Nightingale, Caine, Cinder and Butter
    Gauntlet: Upgrade everyone. Difficulty becomes steeper at every increasing stages. Ues your weakest heroes for first 3 sectors and use stronger heroes for later stages
  2. Odachi is really useful when he gets platinum skill. If you WANT wrecking damage, get him.
  3. Always buy 2700 gold hero crates
  4. I strongly suggest new ones. You will find pvp better once you have much variety of even heroes than focusing on heroes you have.
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Thankyou soo much.:heart:
Do you think I am levelling up much faster?