Fun team comps

What are some non sweaty team comp that you just enjoy playing.

My List:
Hivemind, Castellan, Holloway, Gamond and Hardscope - Fighting with robo friends comp

Callidus, Halo, Heimlock, Leg Nightingale and Mandrake -massive heals and sustain.

Ronin + any 4 healers or supports.

I win nearly 50 matches day with this best and broken combo.


I get you win a lot but is it an actual fun comp to play or just insta win comp?

Running solo galante is usually funny. Not guarranteed win but do it for the memes

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Instead of Hivemind, Castellan, Holloway, Gamond and Hardscope: Try Hive, Savage, Callidus, Gammond and Hardscope.

Its fun because I have more chance of winning with this team. Thats why I find it fun when I win.

lol does he get buffed for having less teammates.

Gorgon is so easy, no matter what level you run at it. My friend and I like to make it interesting. We run the highest level we can (85) with only one hero each. We always try to run something odd. My favorite was when we both ran only Oro. As crazy as that sounds we actually did win. Not only is it fun to do that, but it actually makes you better because now you have no choice but to move around and be smart about how you attack. Additionally you get to try out heroes you normally wouldn’t run and see that you may like them.


i agree, there’s something fun watching a robot getting blown to bits, unlike other heroes

That’s great idea. I got to try that.

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I love running dojo, city hall etc, both team with Halloway and Hivemind, one hardscope with a shielder.
It looks so great to have a team of 21 guys on your side! :joy:

In PvP Galante + Bucket + support and heals, as when bucket lifts everyone I can unleash 40 frickin missiles at everyone, and they all hit :smiley:
Also Galante in coop raids is great surprisingly, in dojo because there are so many enemies Galante receives a ton of shields.
Nightingale with platinum Caine and moss, because she deals a lot of damage and stuns and its satisfying to fire a stunning round.
Siren and savage both unleashing damage to all enemies…
Solo Mandrake one-shotting bronze and green heroes…
Castellan with his turret, if protected long enough watching missiles fly towards the enemy is great
Galloway and hivemind create their own allies, super fun
Platinum ghoul, colonel season, oracle, Salvatore and Keel means fire, lasers and grenades everywhere (and maybe fit in Chesterfield)

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Not a fun team, but a good player with a good Kurtz team will destroy every team composition in the game.

I love spaming the screen with tons of created allies

You do can run a stealth comp run mandrake, sapphire, min, sentry and fisher

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