What should we have added next month

Hello there! I made a poll here to gather your opinions on what HH needs according to the community depending on what i’ve heard about lately!

Vote here! :arrow_down:

  • Reduced errors in co-op
  • More co-op gamemodes
  • More counters to “cheese” teams
  • A nerf on Marianas or Krieger
  • Level 95-100 on co-op raids

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If :cheese: is an issue, you need a :mouse2:. Find a team to counter it.

My only issue is getting xp. When the best I can get comes from few extreme missions, it has me concerned as to when I’ll be able to make it.


I hope we see the 100th hero replace Serial in war, and you can only unlock them through war participation. :man_shrugging:


Hi! I believe we need an increase in pvp points from 35-50 points per hero. This would make the pvp more fun and more rewarding to play more. Please increase pvp and gauntlet war gems in bounty event especially the finally reward which gives you only 100 each one.

Mukamil Bakhshi


A heronium store restock option, also make wars have an actual fight element rather then a rng check.

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It says Reduce errors… That’s a sensible line.

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Ask for something what devs can provide. More errors. Reducing it is not what they have done till now. After every update a new bug shows up but the previous bugs are left untouched

There’s always a 2nd option, from past few weeks I’m trying discord for bug reporting… I didn’t report all errors which I found in this game… Cuz, it may scare engineers lol

Behind the scene there must a hard working figures working out for gamers but,may be their efforts aren’t giving the desired results.

Let’s hope for better

& we can’t deny this game is at least safe from hacks(as per my experience) just need a little bit more improvement to minimize the errors.

Releasing new heroes every month is a good thing but, if they’ll encourage their bug fixing engineers then,soon this game will become more enjoyable…

I know person who makes hero & who fux errors r different & these r 2 different departments

Add another hero like Phalanx and a Guaranteed Ryker event

Add a exo squad like character

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Add another 7* hero only War participants can obtain. War is currently dead…


War isn’t dead. War is the best part of the game in my opinion. It’s what keeps me playing

add some cheese…

Currently the war has become a boring event, I think that if the war were 1vs1 it would be fun, also many alliances would seek better strategies, and not only attack first and make truce with all other alliances, practically the war has become In pure truces, there is nothing interesting in doing that, the war must change, it is an event with a future, but if it continues as it is now, it is getting boring every season.

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We always truce with everyone except one Allince that’s next to us

I would love a option for the commander and only the commander to accept or decline joining war. That way I can get a break

Lol you forgot the option of mk5 and mk6.
The most important option of all this options of yours.

Post says vote on any of those 5 options.

Gonna be over 300k pvp gems with nothing to spend them on… stores need fixed sick of constantly resetting gauntlet just to try for gold cells and nothing else. Coops are the same they’re too easy. Bounty only goes to plat4 where’s plat5 plat6 ruby bounties? Solo raids too easy. Beyond adding more extreme their is very little challenge added.

Ruby bounties would kill your team with easy, i don’t agree on this one