Gamemode idea ‘Challenge Mode’

A new gamemode.
Which is basically like extreme, it’s called ‘Challenge mode’
Every once in a while. Say 2 weeks. A mission appears for those 2 weeks cycle. In this mission everyone gets every single hero at a set level with the restrictions that developers put in. It can be anything from hero restrictions to ability restrictions.
The goal is ultimately to beat that mission

What is the purpose?:
The whole community has to gather ideas on how to beat the mission.
These missions are similar to extreme mode, extreme mode is often more just a puzzle than it being hard.
And this should recreate it and gather the community to try and beat it.

How to beat it?:
Only a specific combination. Kill order and strategy can get you through this mission.
The community has 2 weeks to gather up and try to beat it.
If they beat it they will get rewards.

Something that helps every single player. This could be anything from skin tokens to maybe a crate.

It allows every single person in this community to open their minds and gather in order to find the solution. Similar to scavenger.
This will keep people from getting bored throughout the week, and it also allows even lower level players to give their take on it.

And since it is consistent it keeps the community in touch with each other and the developers

What if we don’t beat it?
If after one week for example the mission has not been beaten by a majority. A hint will be sent out.
If it is still not beaten a day before. Then it’s to decide for the devs whether they would like to give the solution or leave it as it is.
Up to the next challenge!

Let me know what you think of this idea! Feel free to open a discussion below :arrow_down:


…what a great idea, Robert :smiley:…lets hope the Devs give it some thought…



All things with challenge also have another way – devs may just add rewards for all events and modes for beat various missions with minimal amount of heroes or with only specific heroes. Like I did many years just for fun.

Plus really awesome challenges was during first Simulator and first Razordome. Scalation of difficulty was really hard and this was fun even with full teams.

Also good challenge battles have current Simulator after 50-100 waves with various debuffs. Devs may use this debuffs in other modes too and this will be great challenge.

Danger sim is my all time favorite event.
And i love breaking my old records in it!:nerd_face:

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GREAT idea this would be a new a fun game play I’m all in.

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