Ideas for In-Game Features

Hi! Sharing with you guys some new ideas I have for the game.

-A feature exclusive among alliance members (excluding friends) wherein players are allowed to challenge each other for sparring matches. This would allow players to come up with different line ups and experiment better without the risk of losing hearts.

Lets face it, the meta game centralizes solely on gold mandrake + any 4. We need to start developing new meta to keep the game interesting. A mode like this could help in balancing and buffing other heroes.

-There would be no extra benefits, just a simple sparring match using the same random maps on pvp.

I have been in 4 alliances (having managed one myself) and I noticed that people rarely interact with one another (excluding the hardcore alliances). The purpose of this mode is not only for experimentation, better prep before a pvp event, but to also improve communication and camaraderie among alliance members.

-An idle feature wherein players would select 5 heroes from their current hero pool to send on a military excursion to gather loot.

-For 12hours or 24hours, the selected heroes would be unavailable in any game mode.(PVP, Gauntlet, etc…)

-After the time has passed, the selected heroes would return with loot (I’m thinking similar rewards with the pvp crate). The success and number of loot gathered would rely on the total power of the team used.( a maximum of 6 loots? and cannot exceed more than one gold loot)

After gathering a good amount of heroes, I noticed some of them are collecting dust after being shelved for so long now. This mode is focused on introducing a new way to gather gold and hero fragments. Players who have a good number of heroes and high level heroes would benefit greatly in this mode. Plus, unused heroes would atleast contribute in your growth.(This could also help in moderating least used heroes in the game). This idle feature could also aid players to still stay connected in the game even if they are unable to play on a certain day.

New players are then encouraged to prioritize in gathering new heroes instead of focusing on strengthening the heroes that they have. New players that go the latter route might be discouraged in playing again after seeing the lineup they worked so hard for would be crushed in pvp. Being a F2P player, I personally think that gathering heroes first is the key to being successful in this game.



That’s what I also want to see in the game! Thumbs up!
Especially sparring matches among any 2 players. For example we could send an invite for sparring to any other player. Or even attack other players and if they are online, they can control units, but if the attacked person is offline, then his/her units will be controled by AI. This would allow players to come up with different line ups and experiment better without the risk of losing hearts. But we could get special portraits as an achievement for winning some amount of fights.

Agreed on suggestions very good points.

I would love if any purchases would of VIP levels would include full stamina & raids restores.
Plus I don’t see a point to buying more gold if everything requires gold then it just becomes a cash based game and most people will not stick around for that.

We have to make the game good enough for the casual people so we have a bigger community. It should all be based on money. I do know it takes money to run a business. So I am not saying anything negative about that but the benefits should be worth it. Even for the 5$ spender. Free stamina is a great incentive and free reset of raids. I also think your max daily generator for skills should be increased on levels of VIP. I still get capped at 10 for free when in 10 days of getting this game I spent 50$. You would think I would of got more for my money. Or T least I feel like I should of got more.

Finally my last and greatest suggestion: I would like to see Chuck Norris& Bruce Lee in game.

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