Gammond’s Last Stand

He never stands last. Thats the problem. This skill to me is completely useless. Can you guys improve his gold skill please"? Thanks

Did you realize that they have taken care of this with the last update?

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So… uh yeah… are you talking about the Gammond’s new “Last Stand” Cause this thing is actually pretty good. Makes him invincible for 12 seconds and gives him all kind of boosts, and gives him a second chance at life.

Op doesn’t get his skill, but it’s bugged, his gold doesn’t always trigger, I just noticed this again while fighting him, also used him solo in gauntlet and it didn’t always trigger. It needs a small rework probably


I saw it bugging again, I think the problem is when he gets a heal, once his hp goes up he can die within the 12 seconds of his skill

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I think someone said it doesn’t work if Gammond is the last one to die.

This also happens when others are alive, didn’t test this in a challenge though.

This skill, in its current state, is exteremely buggy. I do not know what is causing the issue, but whether Gammond will proc his Gold is entirely random. I have Gammond trigger it when he is the last to die on a few occasions. And very often the skill doesnt trigger and he dies immediately, regardless of situation. Sometimes it triggers and he dies as usual.

I have stopped using Gammond after a frustating match which I could have turned around (enemy team was all on low health) was lost due to last stand not working.

As with other bugs, we can see it fixed in a few months or so.

My bug with Gammond is that in Enforcers he is too fat to run through the narrow pathways from Wave 1 to Wave 2 and he gets stuck in his Wave 1 location instead of moving to where the action is.

Same thing in some of the Hard Mode District 11 missions… he gets stuck.

Perhaps he should be put on a diet?

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It’s bugged. Sometimes it just doesn’t activate.

One problem is that if you get a kill, the buff immediately ends with a heal, but the heal isnt that strong so he can die right after.

I wish the buff would always last 12 seconds as described and THEN it should evaluate whether or not Gammond dies or gets the heal.

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I have also seen that when Gammond is stunned when his Last Stand kicks in he remains stunned for the entire 12 second duration (which looks funny!). I don’t know if it’s a rule but i think I’ve seen it twice.
Try killing him with Flatline’s silver skill.

From what I see. He dies when he gets stuns or silenced. So it’s working as intended maybe.

Oh yeah side note another bug when he’s last Man standing sometime skill activates late and I win with him alive. Meaning I get 80 pvp points…

Sometimes he just dies without last stand kicking in, on my team but also in the enemy team

I think we can all agree that there are no problems with Gammond’s new Last Stand skill.

yup been seeing this many times … but try to control him manually if u see him getting strucked. it works for me. but if u again put in auto he goes stunned again. lol which is weird

I think Gammond’s gold skill craps out when he gets healed. And he can be killed if he dies when a HOT is active.

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