Gammond's Last Man Standing

As has been noted in other posts, it can be difficult to tell when this skill has been triggered for an opponent. By way of two examples:

Scenario 1
You are fighting against Phoenix. You slash her health down bit by bit. A healer starts healing her. You manage to take her down to ‘zero’ though. Her HP remains frozen at 1 and a shield appears. You blast the shield down. As the shield disappears, she dies.

Scenario 2
You are fighting against Gammond. You slash his health down. A healer starts healing. You take him down to what looks like zero. You can’t tell though because it shows up as 3k,6k,10k… You keep shooting. Did he go down to zero or was it just 1k? You keep shooting at him until he’s dead, not knowing if he died because of all the lead you pumped into him right at the end or if his death had actually been triggered 10 seconds ago. You sigh and open up your browser and head to the forums.

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when im facing against him,
i just look at his thumbnails, to look if there’s last man standing icon or not

it’s bugged a.f. devs forgot to flip a few switches so he’s healblocked while on last stand.

Or sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all. I don’t use Gammond for pvp but while facing him, I’ve noticed sometimes he doesn’t even stop at 1hp, he just dies. I always feel bad when that happens cause I feel like I got an advantage that I shouldn’t have gotten.

I don’t think he is suppose to be healed while he is at 1 hp. Hes technically “dead” but the ability allows him to keep fighting. If you do end up getting a kill, then he gains the health back and becomes “alive” again.

Yea, the idea is once his ability activates, he is not allowed to be healed,
But I still see his health climb sometimes while activated. So I have to watch it to make sure it hits the 1HP before I move to another target.

@ShortyDA I have noticed that too. When I decide to make him my first target and he just drops. Like his ability didn’t activate fast enough. The pang of guilt is usually outweighed by the jubilation that I’m one up on my opponent though.

It’s a really good refresh for an ability that really never used to activate before. But still seems like there is a few bugs. Excited to see if anyone else gets a reboot too.

There’s also the bug where gammond is the last one, you kill him, and you go to the results screen but he’s still alive.