PvP gems for killing Gammond

How many of you out there have experienced killing another team, Gammond last. You know there is plenty of time left on the timer. You saved Gammond for last, because it can take time to overcome last stand. You finally watch him fall down and die, then the little X’s start ticking off and you get 80 PvP gems, because the system does not give you gems for Gammond? Before you tell me to write support, I did that and was told they checked the logs and everything was correct. If this had only happened to me once, I’d pass it off as a fluke, but unfortunately it’s become more than a fluke. If you have experienced this, please share, so that the developers can see there is a glitch. Thank you.


Have yet to have this issue. I always save Gammond for last because it’s annoying mid match waiting for his invincibility to fade. I focus him down last, he dies, I collect the gems.

I explained how this happens in this topic, but your not the only one

It’s only when you save him for last that it will happen. Kraterios provides an explanation of what is happening, I agree. But truthfully, if there is time on the clock, and it’s Gammond, then something should be worked out in the code, allowing us to properly kill him dead.

When I wrote support, they replied that they knew about the issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. The worst was during the brawl because a few times I was down to one hero left so it cause a tie. I didn’t get points for a victory I should have gotten because my hero had almost full health and could have easily waited out the 12 secs or killed him again easily.

That had to have been frustrating. I’m also glad to know it has been acknowledged as a known issue. Hopefully you were not on the border of a ranking tier. Thank you to those of you that shared.