Updated Gammond skill *looks* like a bug

From what I can tell, the tweak to Gammond’s gold skill means his HP now holds at 1 and he becomes invincible. This is okay to me (welcome, if anything) but this happens without any visual feedback. As a result, to the casual player, he appears to be a hair away from death and in need of just one more bullet, which is obviously an incorrect conclusion.

The closest existing skill is Phoenix’s and, while that too can be confusing to some, at least when she is in limbo with her HP holding at 1, a shield bar appears and provides visual feedback to the user that something is happening.

I would be in favour of the following visual tweaks (no change to the skill itself):
A) a small change to give users visual feedback that Gammond is now untouchable. eg an overlay, similar to what Beck has (let’s say metallic)
B) a timer of some sort so the player knows when they should wait to kill an ally so as not to resurrect Gammond
C) In auto-play, if the user was targetting Gammond (or skill like death-mark is set to focus on Gammond) the target should be removed just as it would if the hero had died.

My Gammond flickered in red earlier, I thought that was the visualisation of his gold skill working.

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