Getting more play on PvP matches, and not having to pay so much 2 get your characters back after they die

I would r:imp::crazy_face:eally like today get more time to play PVP matches I think we should have more than four hearts or three and I also don’t think it should cost more maybe 20 I get it but after you by 20 you shouldn’t go up to 60 80 90 after you bought to refill

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oh @Stephen_Nizinski u should tips

  1. revive heros
  2. chose hero immidately careful when hero life life
    4.use strategy of hero
    that it

5.use the line of hero

I have 33 heroes and no vip (99 hearts) and I already spend like 2 hours doing PvP in each reset. So owning all heroes would give me even more playtime

If you want my honest opinion, I think the problem is your PvP strategy. maybe you are losing too many lives/matches? I dont know

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