For 2nd Month in Row Bounties and New Hero

For second Month now in row anyone who has been Unlucky or unwilling to spend silly amount of money on New 3 star hero will be unable to take part fully in Bounties as bonus hero will not unlock until bounty is half way finished.
I pointed this out last month as the monthly hero release needs sorting as it shouldn’t affect other aspects of the game. New 7 star hero do as you wish but the 3 star needs to be unlocked one way or another without a financial hit.
Bounties are one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game and I fear it now being placed behind a pay wall. Either bring the hero out a few days earlier or increase max caps for level 90’s, use the small gold cost chest for missing frags ( save gold through month ).
At worse include a few frags in the monthly gold crate where you get 30 gold for 30 days (Not a huge hit to the wallet) but this path that has now been started with the 3 star heros, I MUST protest over and if it continues I would have to think if this is any longer a game I wish to support as I do at the moment almost VIP 13.


Bounties are dominated by the top teams who dedicate a huge amount of time and gold to get top ranks. OWN’s top individual bounty score was 25 BILLION (or so I heard). Do you think players like that did it without gold/blue recharges… simply using their heroes to recharge stamina every 3 hours? So, if you’re worrying about bounty being locked behind a paywall, the horse has already bolted, a long time ago, my friend.

Serious bounty players are not sweating about unlocking a bounty hero 1 day late at all. If they are willing to spend upwards of XXXk gold to get scores like they do… they have already invested some gold into unlocking the new heores as well. Should you think there is anything wrong with that, it is people who spend gold on the game who keep it alive.

From the devs point of view, they dedicate time and effort to release 1 (or more) heroes per month. Do you not think they should be entitled to maybe charge for this effort?

And the rest who don’t want to pay, nevertheless get it FREE… and only ONE DAY after bounty starts. There are also non-bonus bounties to attack (though the proportion of bonus bounties spawning seems to have increased somewhat lately).


Think current crate cost to get hero over 10k gold or just short of £200 every month bit less if you get a gold deal/offer but £200 every month really ?

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For me it isn‘t such a big problem that the new hero isn‘t available through raids yet. I mean will he really bring such a big difference?

Btw individual Bounty wr is a lot higher that 25billion. That was like the average (I did it mathematically) when Vrij got the coin wr.

The problem is the new hero has always been available before bounties and is now hidden behind a pay wall. This is making the game more pay to win.
It affects the ability for you and your alliance to hit a bounty target that is locked unless you have that hero. So now you have bounties stacking up no one can hit whilst other alliances which either have luckier player or ones with deep pockets hit those bounties pushing them higher up the table and gaining better rewards.

If this game is becoming pay to win then it a path I don’t want to follow them on and I’m asking them!

7 star heros have always been try your luck ehehehh in crates. Work out how much over a year and half ish I’ve spent on this game to be well into vip12 trying to get some heros etc even bought a few special deal ones at 1700 gold now they want 10k gold for 3 star???

3 star needs to be free for all before Any event happens pvp bounty etc. Early unlock for few gold giving you more time to level great. But Free to play…


Where are you getting the 10k gold for a 3 star hero figure from? If its the tiered crate, maybe yes tier 7 is somewhat far down the line to guarantee an unlock. But this point is not the same as demanding a free unlock on Bounty Day 1.

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Yep to Guaranteed new 3 star tier 7 if it was tier 1 or 2 fine save gold through month before unlock new hero. Choice on Where to spend given gold is yours and fine bring back small frag chest etc.

This puts 3 star in same boat as 7 stars have always been pay alot…
I’m also not demanding free unlock day 1 of bounty just not pay to win amounts.

  1. Old old system 3 star unlocks before any events happen.
  2. Few months back small chest to get hero before events happen.
  3. Now pay 10k to guarantee new hero or maybe you be luck every month??? No to pay to win.

You really saying you fine with these changes???


I’m still sad that the booster crates are replaced by these step-up crates. So sad T_T


Yeah it a named crate but only at tier 7 you get hero rest luck give a few frags each tier atleast. Christmas is coming guess HH more like EA and after a cash grab

The game is free to play. everything is earned by grinding eventually FREE. If you want the newest smart phone as soon as it’s released, you have to pay the convience fee. Same goes for games such as this. Pay for convience or be patient.


These folks rely on that convience fee as an income. It takes their time to build this game. That time of theirs deserves your money. Time is the only currency you have in life that cannot be earned back. Be respectful of that.


VIP 12 I pay little every month to help support the game but this cost is the price more than some of the 7 star heros I’ve bought in past and this is every month no this isn’t help support the game this is nothing more than a cash grab.
I you pay lots you get an extra 36 hours with the hero allowing you and your alliance to score higher in bounty gain better reward.

I had no problem with the lower cost crates even add 1 frag per day to the small daily gold chest if every player paid £4.99 to the game as I have as a minimum for 18 months that is supporting the game, it’s continued development etc but 10k gold for a guaranteed 3 star hero No, pay or dont do as well in bounties is a change I refuse to accept and can’t believe gamers as yourself support it. Small cost yeah no problem this huge cost no not for something that happens every month.

Pay to win = Pay money to gain advantage over other gamer who don’t 18 hours time advantage to hit high reward Bounties boosting your alliance potential rewards… IS Pay To Win

I have the new toon 7* plat 1 and he is squishy health is low easy to take out and far from any kind of dps all n all not worth the money get him for free save your gold

3 stars tend to be even worse last really strong was Siren and is still often used. 7* Heros ha e always been a cash cow and I have no problem with they staying that way. Bought a few at or around 2800 gold etc tried my luck more than once to get Artemis and Prophet ( got both from the grind now ).

3 stars have always been free as such then the little frag crate now up to £200 a month is a huge no it even more than hell no!!!
As without trying my luck or spending up to £200 each and every month I will miss out on enjoying Bounties as much as I have in the past. That is a change we should all be saying no to.
Helping support the games development I’m all for but this isn’t that it’s a disgrace.

Im focussing more on aw than bounties and the new toon is a top 5 total power hero so yea ill build her just for aw as far as this bounty goes cinder and hideo will be the true beast of tbis bounty oh yea and cant forget my boy jarek

I totally agree with you. It’s hard getting used to knowing you’re gonna have the upcoming hero, thru a few raids and a booster crate, then going to “okay plz give me a cheap gold offer so I can buy the new hero because I won’t have him in time to get any good rewards” :woman_shrugging:t5:. I mean I spend money but I would like to not have to all the time just to be sure I get great rewards in the upcoming events.

I feel like this haas always been a thing

Finally like minded Gamers. That is my fear we lose a bounty then we lose a war. Once pay to win is introduced into a game is like a weed. Eventually everything is covered and no more grass to graze on.

Pvp has become no fun at all due to ongoing miss matching heros.
Alot of small frag/Part events etc have vanished
Now only 1 Bounty a month to fully enjoy sorry but no and if HH want to go down the Road EA has already travelled with Battlefront 2 loot crates. Then see you later HH been fun but Bye. After so long playing this game I’d like them to rethink than go play something else or play some of my other time passers more.

Took me 600 gold to unlock the new hero… that which I had saved from daily quests and other free gold offers through tapjoy and such. 1 day late isnt a big deal. If you want him early then buy him. If you dont want to spend the money than get him a day late. Dont you think players that pay and keep this game alive and maintained should have a bit of an advantage?

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This time i got him from first crate but I do agree with you. They either need to give us back those booster crates, start coops sooner or increase frag limit of a featured hero a bit.

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