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You guys ever notice people complain on HH message boards about the game never changing but if you think about it the game for pvp mode changes almost monthly. For example it use to be the lightening team dominating pvp, Kurtz mixed with green hero’s dominating, then Fiber and we needed to use Sapphire to counter. Before Fiber I never had Sapphire leveled up and currently mine still isn’t ruby because I don’t care for her but now Fiber forced me to look into her to counter. Now we have Verril to take Sapphire spot for some people :slight_smile:

Them nerfing hero’s keeps you on your toes to keep making hero’s ruby so you can’t keep using the same hero’s to do everything. This game is awesome and if you all take notice of all the small changes even the ones they sneak in and don’t mention the game is pretty awesome.


I don’t like when they make slight Changes & inform everyone about that… Ppl should figure it out by themselves like finding an easter egg.

The lack of change rarely regards PVP and if it does it is often tied to the matchmaking systems, the lack of change is in every other aspect of the game. The grind has not changed, just becoming longer and more pay to win, alliance wars has not changed and is not dominated by min-maxers, blitz events have not been updated since extreme was introduced over a year ago, bounty has changed sure but 1 more milestone is not a major improvement when alliance easily still make over 1m points per event.

If you ask me PVP has never been a stickler for lack of updates and changes, infact it is one of the only aspects of the game that does get mixed up every months. The things that make people quit are the game modes not working, no connection, server lag, points not registering, events not even starting when they should! And to top it off, we as players have no idea what is going on or why this may occur until we start complaining. We are not told when there’s maintenance, we are not told when entire event systems are updated so there may be bugs. Communication has always been an issue with this game and in recent months with more and more major issues and complaints, it has become too big a problem where even people like myself who always defended the devs can no longer do it anymore. When changes happen and we don’t know until they go wrong (which they inevitably always do) then we complain, and every month there’s complaints now. Seems every other event just does not work as intended, hence bounty once again on Friday not working properly and damage/point/number of people who have participated still do not work.

These are ignored systemic problems that are slowly killing the game and the community we have tried to grow, the players are the life of the game and when they get fed up of it then what is left but empty servers and dead events.


Well I guess I feel the way I do because I don’t really care for the other events I do them all very well but I pretty much pvp all day long.

For me bounty was fine, first night as usual we reached milestone one then I went to bed so I didn’t notice any issues besides the scores. I think that happen because they had to keep manually adding Fischer instead of it being already on schedule ahead of time like everything else.

I also feel like what’s the point to keep complaining over things you can’t change. If you don’t like shopping at Walmart then go to Target and spend your money. If you don’t like half of this game then don’t play that half, why complain about the same issues every month it’s just silly. Trust me Walmart, target, Call of duty, Fortnite and HH don’t care if you stop making purchases or use their services they are rich and will continue to be rich with or without you. So enjoy the parts of the game you do like to the fullest. :slight_smile:

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If you are homeless, just buy a home.

-A random dude.


Oh yea that went well with what I was saying…

If that was the case they could easily turn the game off cause they definitely wouldnt make enough money out of 10 of you who just goes with something whether you like it or not.

We complain cause we invested both time and money here and maybe, but just maybe cause every normal dev team is looking for a feedback from the player community. We care for the game and we will say what we think till the moment we think its hopeless. Then, we will just leave without saying a thing.

I think devs would appreciate if you stop defending them cause you sure aint doing them a favor with that ignorant comment “if you dont like it, dont play it”.

P. S totally agree with ghastly points. Couldnt write it better myself.


I think the best solution would be to just drop the new heroes for a month or two. Focus solely on balance. Fixes and maybe even rework more events. Ask US the community about what we want. Let us make a poll. And respond. And actually for once do something with it

If for a couple of months no new hero would be dropped nothing bad will happen. In fact only good, HH would get their old playerbase back and keep the current ones. We as a community are happy to wait for something we have been requesting for almost a YEAR. I hope HH realises every statement you said is true. And that they have to fix it


We all love the game, that’s why we’re still here. If someone is dismissive of the issues the game has, it helps no one. Being dismissive does not mean you love the game more. I’d go further to say, if you give constructive criticism, you love the game more because you want this game to succeed and for it to do better, like you believe it could.

There have been numerous bugs lately. They’ve affected all the main events. Bounty is still experiencing lag as I type this message and visual issues like scores not showing properly. Why turn a blind eye to this? The developers are grown adults and as such, I don’t think they want to be coddled.

There is a point to be made with people who do nothing but complain though. There’s a difference between complaining and critique. The former stemming from a more emotional point of view. It’s easy to see the difference when an issue happens and people run to Discord to yell at devs like that will solve anything.

Meta changing =/= the game changing. That doesn’t even make sense. The meta will always switch up as new characters are constantly being released. PvP is normally bug-free, but PvP cannot sustain this game. The game needs to run smoothly and have fresh events. Not just shiny, new characters.


I’ve played for about 2 years now and stopped playing for almost a year and a half and I was worried I wouldn’t love the game as I used to. But now, I found I do again and yes some changes are needed but in the long run the only reason we play the game is because we enjoy it. For people who dislike it, find another game that can satisfy your needs instead of trash talking the game and overall not contributing to the community

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I’ve been in the game for about 2.9 years.
My question is why is HH not repairing the issues as they once use to. Is it that they are building a new game and hero hunters has lost their interest. Why do HH not reply with reasons of the game not being maintained.
I still love the game and would like to see it succeed for longer . But I’m starting to get fed up and not want to play as much or spend any money on the game


I hear what you all are saying but my point is why come on to every post a dev makes with the same complaints? I am sure they are aware of what you want and if they do care so much about your feedback like you say then they will work on it.

I am not here to defend the devs or the video game because if I was then I probably wouldn’t tell you to go find another game. My point is constantly complaining over something you can’t change is silly.

Pvp can’t sustain the game? You haven’t played fortnite, call of duty or battlefield? I sometimes play fortnite while I have pvp on auto so I would disagree a lot of people enjoy just playing online and non story modes…

I hear a lot that they are focused more on making money then balance fixes then if that’s the case you staying and playing the game while complaining about it won’t help your case lol. They would need to lose money to realize this method isn’t working for them don’t you think?

A lot of you assume that HH would want to do this or would want to do that when what HH wants to do is exactly what they are doing and not what you imagine they should be doing… if you think about it the amount of players that continue to play and spend vs the players that complain and keep spending anyway won’t help your case for changes. No player base or community is 100% happy with any game so HH continuing to do what they feel is working makes sense to me.

But like I said I play the parts of the game I am happy with and for story mode or whatever else I can get that in another game or read a book. Check out some audio books if none of you have tried that yet. :slight_smile:

We keep complaining because the issues are still there. Just because the devs do nothing and won’t comment, we should shut up and deal with all the glitches?

Put it another way - a business doesn’t provide a good service, but it is a kinda unique service. They ignore complaints and people stop complaining cos they get told there’s no point. And nothing gets fixed. Not a great long term business plan in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong - I owe this game a lot for reasons I won’t go into, but surely change only happens if enough people make noise… and this game needs some fixes.


Not complaing over something you could possibly change to me is silly.
I’ve stop doing war because the lag is redicukas and the attack glitch that just started doesnt help. Coop pvp during the bonus events is unwinnable if you dont have large rubies and that can all be repaired
HH use to maintain the game. Why not now?


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