Good teams for Heckler

So my best hero is Heckler(max gold) He is my current massive damage dealer, and with his hard time skin I can easily do over 9,000 damage in a single shot. Currently I need a team who would be good for him. Currently I use Matador(max gold), Razorback(max gold), Hivemind(max gold), and Francois(max gold). Currently I have been thinking of switching one out for Kobold. If you have any suggestions please give them to me.

Flat Caine and Drake are always good support to any dps hero. But your win rate with heckler will be low because heckler isn’t meta.

Honestly my win rate with him is about 70%, mostly because of how high of a damage output I can do, most people start to panic. If I stack my buffs right he does around 20,000 for ten shots, but it makes him vulnerable.

Against Ronin, Mauler or Panzer meta you will be wiped with a decent player 9 out of ten times.

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Try going higher. People will wipe the floor with you. Heckler is just a lost cause. You are one of those types who are going with what’s your strongest and insisting it’s good cause you’re too invested (which you are not) to change your opinion on who’s good or bad.

IMO, Heckler is a good anti-biochem hero. Having him with Kobold is a good idea to help his survivability
-Hemlock(best medic in the game), Odachi or Cinder (covers for his elemental weakness) and hardscope (BFG helps improve Heck’s dps) work too
-Pair him with tank heroes too. They are good at wrecking cover, allowing you to pour your dps unimpeded. Good choices are Matador and Butter.
That’s just my opinion. Just play with the Hero’s you like to use, dont think too much about what other people say. That’s the point of this game


Flat, Caine, Drake, plus meta dps and support that best compliments them. That is meta pvp formula based on things the way they are now. Period. Not saying there aren’t other good heroes, but that formula build is best win rates. Believe me or not I just gave you the best pvp advice ive seen on here.

For my PvP team I use plat heckler, plat phalanx, gold flatline, gold kobold and gold keel (max). I have won most of my games and with heckler using overclock or super clock keel can heal the team and heckler mostly. Plus plat phalanx has power play that improves damage and health. When phalanx’s team mag shield runs out then kobold’s shield and collapse is very useful for health and shield. And then flatline is useful to revive fallen teammates and revive health for heckler or when other teammates die. The reason I think Heckler is useful because mandrake will get lasered by heckler, and mandrake is one of the most OP characters in the game. That is my advice.