Gorgon wake idea

May i suggest to the devs, to put atleast 1Frag reward for each hero used in Gorgon wake. Its kinda boring.
If i used dogface, cinder , halo for the whole gorgon wake game set, a reward of 1 frag each for the 3 heroes used.

I would say keep it for gears but change things up like how it’s done for solo raids. Maybe give us different Gorgon stages to do (maybe like City Hall, Park and different places in game throughout one update and change it every month), with different backgrounds and element lock, like that for solo raids but with useful gear rewards like gold or plat throwing stars and also character XP.

I could also say maybe add faction of month characters as opponents in wave 1 and 2, to make it even more fun.

The requirement to farming ratio needs a fix. Why does gold/plat throwing star required to upgrade every character gear but also not enough farmable? Plat throwing star isn’t even available in Hard missions (till 12-8 I think). I am currently at 12/400 odd requirement of said stars and am stacked with gears which I don’t need or sparingly need.

Also as number of characters are increasing along with level, character XP need to be introduced in Gorgon stages. I think everyone will agree with fact that leveling up characters is lot harder and once we start hitting level 90, door will be set for level 100 - which will make it even more harder.

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