Gorgon - Who Do You Use?

Hi all. Who do you use to get through gorgon the fastest (wave 2 specifically)? The fastest I’ve gotten through wave 2 was 10 secs (not counting the opening sequence) while using DF, maven, and odachi (plat 10*) and my partner was using plat. DF, plat. halo, and someone else. I think double dogface and someone using a platinum halo may be the fastest combo but interested to see everyone else’s combinations!

Dogface is the key. His raw DPS from his abilities make him a prime choice. If you have a plat halo, pair her with savage and control savage. Make sure to use his S&P ability after the missiles have fired. But almost all halo combos will do, I just like savage and halo the best.

I use a combo of Oracle, Wesson and Maven. I can destroy each limb super fast. And the extra minions are nothing for Wesson.

Forgot to mention that my Oracle is at Plat. So she shoots 3 missiles at random each round. Wesson is almost at Gold +4, but I have all his skills at 75. And Maven is almost 9*, buy i have her at Gold still.

I really only use Maven, Salvatore, and either Ryker or Hardscope in the third slot.

Maven for her area denial skill that targets all of the Gorgon’s limbs at once, Salvatore for the same reason, and Ryker for dealing with the ads.

I also swap Ryker for Hardscope for his insane damage boost from his Gold skill. With my current 7 Star Platinum +1 Hardscope, who would say no to a level 75 skill that basically gives a free 15k damage boost just for sticking his head out of cover?

I’m planning on leveling Ghoul to battle Gorgon for the same reasons as Maven, and I’m hoping to unlock Scum for, yet again, the same reasons. I like seeing things melt from damage-over-time - it’s really satisfying to me.

Why are people going for the limbs?
Dogface to shoot the back apart then Dogface to kill the robot. It’s over in 25 seconds.

Because we auto and are to lazy to shoot a few bullets manual with dogface


For auto i suggest ghoul dogface and halo, that molotov spread is nuts and will spread to every part and then leave the extra aoe on the destroyed parts, dog just speeds it all up

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Dogfacee, Maven and Halo. Fastest run was 32 seconds for both waves, had non above 45 seconds for weeks.

Please please please HHG replace this coop raid with something else. ‘Let’s play GW, it’s great fun!’ said no one, ever.

I am slowly dying playing GW every day it sucks the life out of my soul… like a slow soul-sucker. :skull::skull_and_crossbones::ghost:

I use Dogface and anyone it doesn’t really matter. Recently Odachi and Panzer but before that, Oracle/Maven/Ryker/others

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I used to use Fischer in gorgon wakes because his bronze skill is pretty fun to use on them.

I liked finishing gorgon off when it was <25% hp.

Lately, I use nobody. Can’t stand the torture of running gorgon 6 times a day.


Gorgon Wakes 0x A Presses speedrun when.