Gorgon/Gauntlet needs some quality of life upgrades

Gauntlet - a quick win mechanic would be the best quality of life improvement for this. I’ve been playing for a while and gauntlet can become repetitive once you reach a certain power level. I OCCASIONALLY enjoy it at this stage esp when trying new toons BUT I hope the devs will give us the option to quick win this section. A loadout per sector upgrade will also be appreciated so we don’t have to reload our usual combos.

Gorgon - This is the most painful part of the game. You have to repeat it three times a day and it’s some repetitive stuff. It’s getting so bad that some players don’t even want to swap gorgon anymore. I believe there’s a majority perspective that gorgon is a really bad chore especially at a certain power level. Again, I think quick wins will make it better? Three times speed perhaps? Make it interesting again like surprise enemies? Improve the reward with shards? Join the three attempts into one and adjust the rewards?

What do you guys think? Regardless of how, I really think that these long standing game modes need some quality of life improvements.


Can’t agree more… for Gauntlet someone with 2 resets a day have to spend at least half an hour clearing the 30 missions… should really have a quick win especially when your heroes already have 2x the required recommended power

Gorgon has become meaningless after they drop the crafting requirements for batteries. Unless they change the rewards, there is really no point sitting through that same ‘interesting’ animation for 6x a day

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QOL changes for Gauntlet desired by many players:

(1) Quick Win if your loadout power exceeds the recommended power by a factor of 1.5X or 2X

(2) Ability to save your loadout for each sector

(3) Sector 6, 7 or even 8. Preferably with decent maps not the 3rd map in Sectors 4 and 5.

Frankly speaking for myself, the above would be nice, but my main thing is…



Please we are all dirt broke now.


QOL Changes to Gorgon desired by many players:

Remove Gorgon please.

Replace it with something else! We have played this stupid coop FOR MONTHS ON END and I hate that fucking robot!

Rant over. I really hope the devs take this request seriously.


yeah, at least make gorgon rewards more tempting…
Gold bars will be nice…

I pretty much agree with everyone’s thoughts on the subjects.

Gorgon - The rewards are now meaningless with the present gear requirement for promotion. If you keep it as is, at least change the reward for gears which are in high demand/low supply such as gold stars…

Gauntlet. read above, more sectors, ability to designate/save loadout per sector, more buck. Quick win would also be nice.

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Sadly, I agree that removing Gorgon may be better than leaving it at its current state. It’s just torture especially for completionists.

Just make the Gorgon raid playable once per day and combine all the rewards. That way new players can still get the equipment if they need them, and older players only have to play once or twice per day instead of 3 or 6 times.

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