Fav. Plat. Halo Combo?

Hi all. To those with a platinum Halo, what’s your favorite combo to use with her? Seems like Halo + savage or Halo + hive are popular, just seeing what else. Mainly wanting to blast through Gorgon in -32840325732 seconds.


Baron, Maven, Scum, or Plat Mauler are also good.

Baron’s plat doesn’t trigger it but his bronze is up super frequently, and their two gold skills work really great together.

My “Halo of Doom” team comp is:

Mauler, Moss, Caine, Halo and Ifrit… those 4 just boost Halo’s plat damage to new heights, and despite not having any tanks, you still get some decent sustain from your 4 healers (1 of which is Caine who would totally win “Clutch Support of the Year” award for 2018, and Halo who has a passive heal, 75-80% of the time those 2 will keep your team alive long enough for Moss to slam down his massive AoE heal)

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halo with savage and ghoul will rip thru gorgon. ask your teammate to use plat mauler, silver ifrit you’d be done in no time

Personally I like Halo, Hivemind, Savage, Caine, Moss. Alternatively I use Surge when needed. Caine and Moss are designed as support (obviously) and when they and savage are all at plat, savage gets a nice crit boost and healing which make him fairly sturdy. Surge is more so a single target monster, but helpful for problem units. This is all mainly pvp based though.

If you just want a 3 man gorgon - Halo, Savage, Maven. That gets the lightning going and works well even on auto.

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Ghoul will reliably burn down the Gorgon with Halo, throw in Maven as the 3rd and Molotov + V.Cloud will kill Gorgon in seconds.