How to set graphic

can anyone tell me how to set graphic, thanks

Well I have this

Por quê eu não tenho essa opção de muda os gráficos do jogo ?


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Good morning!
I think I can shed some light here. On some devices, we had removed the ability to change the graphics settings because the hardware is not powerful enough to handle the game at a higher setting. Many devices in this state when we tested became a “slide show” when playing on higher settings (that is to say the frame rate was horrible)

The sheer number of different Android devices makes it hard to optimize performance on. If you think you’re device should be able to handle a higher setting please let us/me know your device and we can check to see you haven’t been miss-classified.


Thanks, already thought it was something like that.

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Im using xiaomi mi a1, with 4gb ram and internal 64gb, using chipset snapdragon 625, cpu octacore 2.0 ghz cortex a53 And using gpu adreno 506. I have soms hd game and play smoothly in my device, i think hero hunters can play smoothly too on my device with hd graphic

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@Andika, it looks like it’s the GPU and is causing your device to be locked to it’s current graphics quality.

I have the Xiaomi RedMi Note 4 on my desk and it’s hardware is nearly identical to your device (,global,*)

It seems like our engine is just not optimized to perform on this hardware at a higher setting than it currently runs at.

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