Halloway Change - Halo Double Skins

From my experience, Halloway seems like one of the weaker characters in the game. He is easily focused down and his abilities take awhile to power up. He’s basically a weaker Hivemind.

Why not instead of making his Halo Doubles so noticeable with their blue skin, make them look the exact same as Halloway? That way it would cause some confusion in the enemy and maybe let him last a little longer?


That’s actually a really good idea :slight_smile:

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They did something like that to beck and I can actually play her now
Halloway just needs to last longer so more of his doubles can appear I’ve seen three or four on the screen with a 5 member team but in most higher rank matches dies to fast barely gets one double out

I like the idea. :slight_smile: Upvote from me!

I also agree with you that [Holo Double] take too long to power up, especially when compared to Hivemind, the other major ‘bot-spawner’ who spawns bots left and right…
(Although I haven’t actually tested this, it just seems this way)

But from my experience, Halloway is a very low-tiered hero and could some improvement.

I feel like your suggestion about making his doubles completely identical to his original self would confuse the opponents enough to make his survival time a bit longer, and shortening the cool-down on his doubling ability would make him a much better and potentially more playable hero.

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I think Halloway is a brutal hero for PvE. He is just not that good at PvP. But with the right team, that allows him to survive long enough to cast some clones, he gets brutal

But I don’t think every hero needs to be good in every single game mode. Just my thoughts.

I have never really seen him, save a few times in PVP where he dies near instantly. I assume Hivemind is better in both PVE and PVP?

Looks like my Halloway revolution has begun LOL.

pls ADD him to the PVP Store oh dear devs. He’s a good PVE slave.

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