Holoway legendary skin silver skill

Seeing the Xianju skin coming out soon and how it makes him look like his clones made me think of an interesting way to make Halloway’s clones more confusing in battle. Right now he can easily be picked out and killed while ignoring the clones. I would leave the concept design for it to someone else since I know that our designs never get implemented anyway. This would rework how his clones are spawned and possibly how halloway is played.
The silver skill would spawn in all 3 clones at once instead of one at a time. The clones would all last 20 seconds. In addition to the clones, halloway would gain the look of the holograms making it harder to tell them apart. Finally, there would be a 50% chance tfor clones and halloway to flicker (gain invisibility) for 1 second each time they take damage causing enemies targeting them to constantly change targets. This would also make the bronze skill need better timing in use but also either deal one beam of damage or all 4.