Spotlight: Halloway

This series will highlight the variety of Heroes in Hero Hunters and showcase their role, design, and synergy with other Heroes! This spotlight centers around the upcoming Hero, Halloway!


Halloway operates an advanced hard light projector to create holographic minions to do his bidding. He masterfully manipulates his Holo Doubles on the battlefield to protect himself and deal massive damage.

Halloway is a powerful Energy attacker with a great level of sustain. Once unlocked, use his abilities to summon endless waves of Holo Doubles that augment both his offensive and defensive potential. If ignored, his Holo Doubles can quickly drop their victims in a deadly crossfire.


  • A powerful Energy attacker who can summon minions to attack, distract, and defend in the battlefield.

Primary Weapon – ‘Phantom’ Gauss Rifle

  • A heavy assault rifle with a well-rounded ammo capacity and damage per shot.
  • With careful recoil control, this weapon can be effective in most battlefield ranges.

Holo Double Skill Headers
Holo Double summons a holographic minion that will fight alongside the Allied team. Each Holo Double has its own Health and damage, and will automatically maneuver through the battlefield to attack nearby enemies.

  • Tip
    • Maximizing the number of active Holo Doubles at any given moment improves the effectiveness of Halloway’s abilities and passives.

Aberration Skill Headers
Aberration damages the targeted enemy and will fire an additional shot for each active Holo Double. This ability deals both Base and Energy damage, making it a flexible option against enemies with an elemental advantage.

Syncronize Skill Headers
Synchronize distributes incoming damage between Halloway and every active Holo Double.

  • Tip
    • Incoming damage is split evenly between Halloway and all of his Holo Doubles. The higher number of active Holo Doubles when Synchronize is activated, the higher the damage reduction.

Solidify Skill Headers
Solidify provides Halloway and his Holo Doubles with bonus Health.

  • Tip
    • This provides a much-appreciated survivability boost for his Holo Doubles.


  • Combine Halloway with allies that can protect his Holo Doubles. Most of Halloway’s devastating power comes from his holograms – keeping them safe is the key to success.
  • Halloway’s high base damage allows him to be a balanced all-around attacker. He’s able to deal consistent damage regardless of the elemental types he may encounter.

What do you think of Halloway?


Already a Date for the rollout? :heart_eyes::raised_hands:

Are the Minions also going invisible at 30% life with the Mandrake Gold ability? :drooling_face:

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So awesome. How are we gonna be able to obtain? Events?

@Vupi, they do. Any team buff can be applied to the holograms

@dsd. I snuck a teaser about that into the PvP Overhaul thread :wink:

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What happens if Vanguard shields halloway Will it shield the doubles too or Will halloway get damaged with the shield on if enemies are shooting the doubles or wil the shield take the damage?

oh man, I can’t wait to get this character on my roster, and try him out :heart_eyes: when can we expect his full release/availability?

Get Halloway hype! New tournament starts today bois

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Ok thanks
I will try for Holloway

Undertaker does not approve of your necrobump…