Any good team for halloway?

I saw previously someone posting here asking for good heroes to use with heckler. I just got halloway recently and is currently levelling him up. Anyone know any good hero/ines to use him with?
Disclaimer: I’m a casual player, and just looking for a good ways or strategies to use a hero. So please don’t write me a post saying he sucks and I should use someone else.

Halloway isn’t a preferred midline

I use Halloway for a mid-line in a sub-team. He’s decent with bio-chems and can sustain himself if he has his clones up and if he is with a good defensive team. True in fact that he ain’t a hot pick for mid-liners since there are more preferred ones like Heckler or Maven, but in all honesty, Halloway was just underrated. He deals excellent damage with his Aberration to bio-chems if all of his shots hit the same target.

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And also, I did mention a team once on using Halloway in a previous post:

thank you. Really appreciated

I use him in my meta when there’s no tourney. Ronin, Flat, Caine, Drake and Halloway. His doubles up Ronins HB and he focuses on Drake which allows u to focus on others. Match is over quick either way. He provides no heal so you have to be good but get the right kill order and he’s a beast on that team.

Any team that boosts off his clones like plat Ronin is fine. I particularly enjoy using him in coop or campaigns since those r longer so he can max out his clones n damage

I tend to use him on a UAF loadout with Hivemind, Oracle, Colonel Wesson and Butter. I don’t like that his clones die between waves, but with the clones, the drones, and 10 charges of Target Down (which effect the drones and clones too!) a group shield, and Wesson’s skills, creates an unstoppable force!


Castellan, Matador, Kobold, Butter or Bucket, and Halloway could be quite fun.