Halloween compensation

Avatar instead thematic skin it’s a very bad idea and poor motivation for completing of Scavenger Hunts on 100% So how about give level 6 upgrade for old Halloween skins as compensation of lack a new one? Pumpkin King for Razorback, Trickster for Ghoul, Muerto for Matador – +skin status for this skins may be good alternative for compensation of absence of new skin.


Perhaps just readd an old one, better than nothing, I would like to see another chance at bony heckler since I missed him last time, I was too low for higher campaign missions, but maybe just add some extra mw tokens, and ruby cores as the reward, mayeb add a free once in a time final ruby core, that being the Mk. VII core, just for all those higher ups who need it! That’s real motivation right there


I’m not sure if they can do anything about it now

Decided to be a bit more civil then mess around so we will keep it that way. Lol The upgrades on Halloween skins is prob not possible due to being so close to the hunt. I think the upgrade in the scavenger store is more doable. Also more motivation for the ones that actually find the pumpkins and the ones that complete the hunt. Basher deff has a solid point. :slight_smile:

You forget what event shop may be completed with spend of gold. And what Scavenger Hunt never give to player solid amount of resources for buy all needed goodies. Meanwhile for skin you 100% needed find of all items, available even for low leveled accounts and just give memories. I know what you is my biggest fan, but try think more before writing something. Thank you!

I forget nothing. Lower players dont concern me and everything doesnt revolve around them. Spending gold is the nature of the beast. Get used to it and stop complaining when funds is needed to complete goals. Some grind and some pay and grind. Thus is gaming life. Nothing wrong with it. :wink:

Think more before i type something? Was going to mess up you post by blatantly miss understand your topic and write nonsense while trying to demand im right. Sound familiar? Lol lets be honest. You wouldnt have gotten the joke. So im going to keep it on the up and up. I suggest you do the same before i decide messing with you like you do others is the right decision. Lol
There shouldnt be conflict every time someone posts a opinion that you either dont understand or agree with.

Back to the topic. What you demand is not reasonable in the timeframe that is present. Although im sure all the players would not mind skin upgrades. Like i said in my last post. Basher has a solid point on upgrading the scavenger store and it is a lot more reasonable to consider on decas side if they want to get it done.
Isnt that why we are here? To help change this game for the better? Doesnt seem like this is your goal most of the time. You just want your demands met with no actual thought into how it is to getting done and who it will effect. :slight_smile:

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Gotta be honest Kingping is just spitting pure facts

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Ok, thinking before writing it’s not your super power. Checked. But most brilliant it’s when your start make your own wishes like main goal to all community literally writing what you don’t care about anyone who don’t share this… Surprise – community it’s not only you and few your friends. Low-levels players is blood for any long-lived game. Because without fresh blood even most biggest project is doomed. Especially online based project. So please stop humiliating peoples who started playing after you. Most fun moment it’s like you triggered about gold. I said what without skin player lost main motivation find all items, because he may just buy all needed with gold in first day. You start writing about my envy, complaining and flex how you don’t have any problems with buy anything. Are you read my message, lol? Also you need check where you is writing, lol. Ideas and Feedback this is just ideas and feedback. I write what remove traditional exclusive skin from final rewards of Scavenger Hunts it’s bad, why it’s bad and try proposed something alternative for this moment. This is all. If you fan feeling suffering without my looking at you it’s not my problems. Continue your practicing in PVP because die and panick it’s still what you does better. This is very sad. May the God be with you.

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[Post deleted by author]

English isn’t my native language.

Oh I see, my apologies, seemed like you were arguing and I found it ironic you were making fun of writing, while having poor grammar,

For full contact I need Ukrainian or Russian. But this will be conflict with forums rules.

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deca friends thanks for the halloween event, but you forgot to put a skin of a barrel or legendary Mk2 to make the search for the pumpkins very interesting ok

deca friends thanks for the halloween event, but you forgot to put a skin of a barrel or legendary Mk2 to make the search for the pumpkins very interesting thanks

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