Halo plat ability needs a nerf immediately

There is no counter. It’s ruining PvP badly.


It is very stong but there were a couple guys who figured it out and beat my halo setup, thats part of the game figuring out what is effective. That stuw part I like getting beated and learning


Honestly when we work our asses off and plan for hero’s, spend money and then have them nerfed it really sucks

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Really can’t figure out lineup… keel kickass on halo just haven’t seen anyone with a high enough keel to stop halo… lmao don’t you guys test hero’s at low levels to see there weaknesses? keel gets mvp and has wild 3 times as muuch damage as rest of hero’s in group…

halo drops like a fly… keel can be countered of course… So figuring out how to counter keel isn’t a problem… Why do developers have to nerf a hero to get you lazy people to figure out counter moves…

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If you spent a bunch of money then you didn’t really work your ass off, just sayin’. Buffs and nerfs are a part of any successful competitive game and it doesn’t matter how much you may not like it, Halo is broken AF. Plat Halo and plat Baron can wreck any level team almost instantly without waiting for specials to charge and that’s not healthy for the 95%+ of the all players or for the general health of the game. This is the sort of imbalance that gets a patch sooner rather than later.

A nerf is coming, best find your next crutch.

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I fought plat halo at 35k twice, same guy both times

Got wrecked first time
Second match, we both had same heroes but i knew what to do and won easily, like it wasn’t even a contest and that was immensely satisfying.

Nerfs are sometimes important but if you just nerf every hero that people find then what’s the point even?

Okay, you can countet her on PvP (I dont know. I havent faced any plat Halo yet). But she can still do more damage than bounty heroes during bounties, which sounds nerf deserving, in my opinion

Its plat Halo with Baron and Keel. And I am not lazy and am also always a top 50 finisher in every pvp event. I can also field my own Halo team if I feel like it so I’m not whining because I can’t do it.

My point is if you play against a good player using halo, baron, keel mandrake heimlock you Will NOT win. And if anyone hasn’t played against it don’t comment because you have no idea how it works…

When people use savage instead of baron you beat it, if you’re really fast with your Mandrake or heimlock…

You will not kill keel or halo before baron kills the hero you control and then your whole team in rapid succession .

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Bone what power rating are we talking about?
Baron is usually a joke when targeted by mechs

36-40k. And he kills even Clyde or dogface easy with halo’s plat.
Plus with his plat, aside from the damage from Halo, he destroys your cover and staggers you almost instantly. Then he pops his specials and it’s over.

Would u be kind enough to share the ability lvls of the 5?
Like all plat? Gold4? What we talking about

Obviously it’s all plat and gold, usually at least plat halo, baron and Mandrake. High gold or even plat for keel and then either heimlock or phalanx. You can’t get to 40k power without it right?

I’m a top PvP player and don’t mind meta switches or things that are hard to beat (I never complained about mandrake for instance), but this team has no outplay or counter and that is why it is bad.

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If you use Clyde’s two abilities back to back halo is a two shot kill even 10 star plat

Is that a joke? He can kill Clyde about 10 seconds before Clyde can charge either ability…why do people respond who have no idea what they re talking about?

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Because it‘s the internet…everyone knows better than everyone else ^^
But you are totally right…baron/keel/halo is broken af…reducing the proccrate or the damage done by her plat-skill would be a good thing to nerf that combo

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Gotta agree with Bonegnasher here.

Baron’s plat allows his basic attacks to trigger Halo’s plat. It turns a minigun into a permanent savage spray and pray, its 80 bullets with a 50% chance to trigger a silly amount of dps from halo.

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my bad, when i first read halo’s plat i thought only active skills triggered it, so i figured ok cool savage is a great candidate

but i guess even passives like baron’s bunker buster and prophets gold trigger it, if so then yea this is broken clearly.

i feel pvp in general is broken, specially the high level pvp.

above 30k power the matches usually end in under 30sec, with the first 10sec deciding whos gonna win.

that IMO is wrong, at lower levels you can lose one of ur guys early and still win, but at higher levels if you lose anyone then 99% of the time you are done for, even getting 40 points would be a huge victory at that time.


  1. reduce damage for all heroes
  2. increase hp pool
  3. break mandrake more in pvp, in pve take him back to how he was but in pvp he should only be able to hide one hero at a time or some major nerf like that.
    there is no reason that 1 hero MUST be in every team, no other game does that.

alternatively - allow us to set target pools for our heroes ourselves, this breaks mandrake completely but also allows people to have some sort of strategy in pvp and takes the luck part out of it.

i have beaten teams which i felt i could never dream of beating just cause my heroes decided to target the right enemy at the right time - pvp should be more about skill, less about luck.

Ive NEVER had problems with Mandrake gold, so I don’t know how everyone is complaining about him so much, even more after Sapphyr has been added, who destroys Mandrake.

Only real problem I’ve had is with his silver having infinite duration. Some people just go invisible and don’t stop rolling just to try to save one Mandrake life, which is no fun.

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faced teams with halo:
halo+savage - beatable
halo+baron - unbeatable

i guess the only question that now remains is whether halo is gonna be nerfed.

it’d be a total shame if i got her to plat next week and then boom nerfed