The halo nerf went too far

I was the first to call for a Halo nerf but this was too much. You needed to just dial back the bonus damage by about 5%.
What you did made Baron and possibly Cinder useless. So at least buff baron health by about 15% and his damage at least 20%, and cinder should do way more bonus damage to cover than she currently does. Everyone who invested time, money, and resources into those 3 characters to build a meta team should not be totally screwed over…


This was the obvious nerf going to happen, a passive skill being activated by another hero’s passive skill making a halo 6star player 5 times as powerful as a 10 star hero the first 20 seconds of any PvP match, the most important seconds of the game…


Agreed nailfox, but not addressing my points even remotely…

If you build up hero’s around Halo which were bound to be nerf’d I wouldn’t complain about it. I would recommend having subject for a Baron or Cinder buff, but not on the basics that Halo got nerf’d. A lot of players have used the halo combo’s for more than a month to farm 100000’s of PvP shards just pushing autoplay, and I among others have lost plenty of lives and rankings on PvP tournaments due to this “unbeatable” combo … and you ask for a compensation for not being able to do this anymore?

Does that address your points @Bonegnasher?


Nope, you just sound salty and bitter lol

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I’m not too sad about the nerf, this meta was making it unplayable for some.

There’s been so many heroes that have been nerfed or adjusted over the course of time, you have to accept that this is how things are.


As soon as people saw Halo at Platinum, pretty much everyone that I’ve spoken to agreed that this couldn’t last. I think the only surprise is how long it lasted to be honest.


Absolutely rediculous nerf, you had already tamed her down this is too far. Now hero’s that most in the game invested in are basically worthless they were only good in tandem with halo, c’mon HH “make halo great again”


Ive seen 4* plat halo doing more damage per second than 8* plat heroes, which is ridiculous. the nerf was totally needed.

If Halo nerf made Baron and Cinder useless (wich I honestly doubt, but I cant really tell, since I dont have baron plat), then this is not because ‘Halo nerf went too far’, is because those heroes where useless to begin with.

I have a Gold Cinder and she still wrecks Mech heroes and covers, so I doubt she can be called useless


Baron and Cinder are still great with Keel. And Halos Plat still activates with Cinders ans Barons Bronze and Silver, so ists not useless, just not overpowered anymore.

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Agree with most of the counterpoints above. If you spent all your time and resources pushing meta-heroes to platinum when a nerf seemed inevitable, then you kinda just have to suck it up and enjoy the time you had. The change they implemented was probably the #1 suggestion to the devs by the community as the best way balance Halo. If you are posting on this board, you surely read it yourself numerous times over. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

And frankly, they didn’t make her useless. She still provides a nice damage boost in a way that makes for a more level playing field and her other skills are viable as well. Just because she’s not an autoplay farming machine anymore doesn’t mean she’s broken.

This is the state that HHG should be striving for with all their heroes (or at least a greater number). Making as many as possible viable in PvP creates a healthy ecosystem that encourages variety, loadout experimentation, and keeps the game feeling fresh. What’s the point of having 50+ heroes if only a dozen can be considered viable? Have you ever seen a platinum Elite Rifleman or Oro or Ronin in PvP? Wouldn’t it be more fun if you did because those heroes weren’t completely outclassed by the same small core of PvP gods?

OP metas are bad for competitive games. I can’t think of a successful game where they aren’t patched with a quickness because devs know it’ll drive players away.


I may regret this sorely later (as has been the case several times previously) but I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and say I kinda agree with the OP.

I think I am about as objective as anyone can be on this subject. Personally I am very happy about this nerf and it will help me a great deal in future PVP tournaments. Just look up my heroes in game. My baron is just gold 0 and Cinder is still silver. I do pretty good in PVP but have lost quite often to these teams. I think a nerf was definitely warranted, and I think everyone expected one to come as well.

With that said, I expected a nerf that would bring these teams back to par with other teams. I agree with the OP that this nerf may have made those teams too weak, and do feel sorry for those who invested a great deal into those heroes, even if they may have unfairly benefited from them in previous tournaments (to my detriment). I don’t think anyone expected a nerf of this magnitude. if the roles were reversed, I think I could live with having raised Baron and Cinder up to plat if they were still viable in PVP, even if no longer dominant.

As a disclaimer, I am only speaking from theory, as I have obviously not personally tested those teams in their current state. They may still be viable, but my instinct and experience tell me that will not be the case. Although I have a losing record against those teams, I was still able to beat them fairly often before this nerf. Without halo’s plat triggering on their basic attacks, I think they will be quite easy to beat.

Anyway just my 2 cents. If the nerf stays as is, I will be perfectly happy. But just speaking my conscience here.

Very well said Four. I agree with you completely. a nerf was definitely warranted and a good move by the devs. I just wonder if they went a bit too far too quickly.

Dammit Skoram, you’re supposed to agree with me! :grinning:

I think this was the perfect nerf and puts Halo in a good place. I drove her to platinum because of fear of being left behind and I still think she’s perfectly playable. But Baron sucked before Halo Platinum ran rampant and now he sucks again so do I agree with the OP that if we’re going to make that meta team useless that it’s probably worthwhile for them to look into buffing Baron and possibly Cinder as well (full disclosure, mine is only Silver and I never play with her so I really don’t know how good she can be) so that they don’t join the huge junk pile of useless PvP heroes.

Balancing works both ways. It shouldn’t just be about knocking OP heroes down a peg (or three) it should also be about making unplayable heroes at least somewhat useful as well.


haha I posted another reply at the exact same time as you did. To clarify, I’m not referring to Halo. I think she is still fine, and now is even better when paired with Hivemind (this is a god-mode combo in PVE).

Anway, Baron and Cinder may still be fine in PVP, only time will tell. I initially thought dropping her lightning rod chance down to something like 30% would be more appropriate, but then realized this would be way too strong a nerf when pairing her with other heroes that do not receive boosted basic attacks.

This is a big hit for sure but it’s only because they went too far, too quickly with her powerful platinum ability to begin with. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” axiom. She was so wildly overpowered that it took a huge nerf to balance her out. I mean, they DID try the baby step last month by only having her skill proc a limited number of times within a specific time frame so that it couldn’t trigger continuously and it still was clearly not enough.

let’s be honest, that was a weak-ass nerf. I didn’t even really notice it frankly. that wasn’t a baby step, that was an embryo step :stuck_out_tongue: If they had limited it to proccing once every 2 seconds or so, then we may not be in the current situation, and most other heroes chance to proc her plat would not be affected at all.

They did that this update, with scaling summond units to the stars, giving all these heros a good push.

I dont know about Cinder, but Baron would be mutch better, without the provoking of his Gold. This is what mostly kills him and made the Halo/Baron combination killable. Now you may could take it away and he will be usable again.

Let’s be clear, when I didn’t use a Halo team I finished top 50 every pvp tourney, when I jumped on the Halo bandwagon I still of course finished top 50 (easier though). With the Halo nerf I will still finish top 50 because I’m good at pvp, the whole point of my post is that I’m an advocate for game balance, and halo DID need a nerf to make Halo team balanced…but not unplayable.
Plus, now that you can plat Fortress and get that 10% blue damage reduction, there are plenty of counters to pre-nerf Halo. Good razorback and dogface teams beat it easily if the player is good…

also give back the hivemind drone’s ability to shoot lighting and remove his nurfed too