Nerf Halo passive

This is silly:

This is damage the player gets for free, takes no skill, and is destroying what little gameplay balance there is.

Also happens at lower level:

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There’s nothin wrong with her plat skill. Her skill encourages synergy and allows for other heroes that would be nearly useless to be useful.


nothing wrong lol yeah thats why 90% of the time 70k plus teams use halo and mauler and add to that moss and caine and you got godely like team that can wipe out everything in just a few seconds trust me i faced halo and mauler more times than i can count in the past month and rarely won if the enemy knows how to use them wisely .
they are the new meta in pvp

There is nothing wrong with her plat. It is more a problem of Maulers plat/gold.

The Savage/Halo combination is as old as the game and there is a reason it is rarely played anymore, because it strongly relies on Savages Bronze and if you block that it is an easy win.

The problem I see in this matches is that your teams have no synergy at all.

You can keep defending obvious problems but there are 60+ heroes and when 50 of them are not significantly represented in PvP you can’t blame that on synergy alone.

This is a different problem that has nothing to do with Halo’s plat.

And there are more than ten heroes you can use in PvP. Just because they are not good as a stand alone hero they can do good in a team. That is what synergy is about.
Take for example Kobold. She is not really useful as a stand alone hero, but if you use her with Phalanx and Butter to build a shield wall, she gets viable. Add a damage dealer and you have a good PvP team.

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I couldn’t agree more. Halo is ridiculous now and paired with pretty much anyone else, her plat skill isn’t even close to fair or balanced and can wipe out pretty much any team out there


Agree 100% Halo soft so easy take out so she needs supporting you take her out quick or take out another hero limits fire of her plat skill the team dies quick. I win and lose as much when facing halo teams depend on my make up and theirs and who they hit mine first

Difference is now with her being bonus hero group more aware that before plat she’s weak but after plat she a strong hero if allowed time

I like how in one of your examples, you were running plat Halo yourself, perfectly highlighting the fact that Halo isn’t the issue, you just struggle against her.

Halo is about worthless without Mauler or Savage. Her plat skill is the only thing that separates her from the useful and the useless. Same can be said of Savage and that’s nearly completely true for Mauler too.

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What you’re asking for is a result that winds up adding to the problem. Do you want more or do you want less useful heroes? If you want less, then Nerf Halo. If you want more, then leave her alone and look forward to additional heroes with synergistic passives and perhaps some small tweaks to current heroes’ passives.

Until now, I’ve never ever ever EVER heard anyone REMOTELY complain about Halo’s plat skill. It seems that the only reason your complaining about it is because you cannot defeat it. I personally think that this is balanced fine. Halo is not a high health hero; Dogface, Caine, Kunoichi, and Hideo are some mech damagers that can take her out relatively quickly. If you can eliminate her, all that would be damage is flushed down the toilet. I think that there is absolutely no reason that Halo’s plat skill needs nerfing.


lol yeah when a 72k team cant survive for 30 seconds against halo and you say nothing is wrong i say its broken and unbalanced when all the team explodes with energy lightning because of halo even mechs get destroyed rom that


All the kids depending in the meta for wins are now here trying to defend it. HH has metrics that will bear out the lobsided representation of the meta heroes and the damage they are doing. These will be known facts. All that remains is to do somethinf about it. Buffing 50 heroes or nerfing a handful? Seems obvious to me.


The old nerf talk again, look what happened to Nightingale, she’s crap now, if this continues it will result in just 1 OP hero a month that gets nerfd after the month and everyone will stop playing.

I have some good halo mauler counters, I don’t have a problem with her.

You win some, you lose some


Lol, what in the world does 72k have to do with anything? The only difference power makes is relative to the other team, which in this case, was slightly higher than yours.

Looks like you got outplayed pretty badly here, maybe because you brought zero DPS except dogface, who takes forever just to be useful. Meanwhile your opponent was using a very strong synergized team that focuses on up-front damage. You put all your stock in Dogface’s dps being able to bail you out and when Mauler locked him down, you had no plan B. If you’re a one-trick-pony, you’re going to have a hard time against multifaceted teams.


If you’re wondering, my PvP team is nothing more than gold +0, 5 star, Francoise, Butter, Keel, Heimlock, and Bolt. I don’t even use the meta for PvP. I rarely even use platinum heroes in PvP. I run teams with total powers of only 17k. That assumption is totally off.

lol yeah and what is his dps main dealer? hah mauler i dont see he has dog or panzer there so i dont get what ur trying to say here and yeah 72k teams with so much hp that cant survive for 30 seconds there is something wrong here and why all pvp top player using halo and mauler then? i mean i am facing them almost 90% of the time i think its pretty obvious they are the new meta and leaderboards been full of the mauler and halo matchups

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One, that post was almost as difficult to understand as it was to read. Two, the other team which was 75k has just as much health to balance out damage output. Three, if you have such miserable issues with it, find a decent countermeasure.