Halo Platinum has broken the game!

I know there is another topic but this needs fixing fast.

Currently there are some frankly game breaking setups with Halo.

Yes the Savage, Baron combination with Her but what is worse…


Prophets coordination (gold ability) highlights targets then just basic shots on that target trigger Halos thunder.

I have faced this a few times now and it’s frankly unbeatable.

Combined with a fast rate of fire from Matador/Baron/Vangaurd for example and your entire team is dead in under 15seconds.

Note these screenshots

Apart from Razor my entire team was dead in under 10seconds.

This needs badly fixing, it’s completely game breaking.


I agree, although I love Halo and the idea of having characters that promote synergy, this most probably wasn’t the intent of her powers.

PvP at the moment is ruined, and every 2nd team is using a version of Halo-Meta (I know that some of the guys are in my Alliance too).

A quick hilarious fix might be to let those with Halo only match up with those with Halo.


1min 11s Dojo 55… And I just watched for at least half of that.

FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Pictures say more then words

Hey guys,

Please note that the devs read every single post and comment, even if they don’t respond. They’re hard at work on future updates, but please understand that balance changes are tricky things. Any changes to the game may have serious ramifications, and anything rushed might destroy the whole game! Trust that the devs are aware of your worries, and that they’ll do what’s right, when it’s right, carefully and thoroughly, in order to ensure that the game experience – and the app itself – remains stable.