Harbinger: How good is she? Good team or combo for her?

How good is Harbinger?
How do you use her in PVP?
How to make her good?
Any good team or combo for her?

Harbinger has tremendous base damage. She can easily kill any opponent with 1 mag. Except for tanks ofcourse. Her abilities aren’t recommended to be used as they deal low damage and have low utility. As for the healing it gives, it doesn’t neccesarily heal you. And even if it does it does not make up for the health you lose while casting. Overall: great hero. Awesome base damage. Though low hp. Definitely recommend to upgrade her


so she’s like Odachi?

Not like him. Odachi his abilities have good utility. His abilities make him good. Harbinger her abilities don’t do anything for her. At least not something worth over her damage

Very good, but very squishy. Generally when going against her, target her first and you can generally one clip her with an energy hero. She has very high damage, but also a long reload to go with it. All in all she’s just a balanced hero with incredible damage potential
In PvP, I suggest you pilot her, and aim for the head. You can basically eliminate any mechanical or rearline heroes. But my biggest tip I can give for her is: understand which abilities do which. Understand which one slows cool downs, which one staggers, which one slows movement, etc. When going against heroes like Heimlock where you really don’t want him to use abilities, get your bees out against them. (Also with her silver ability try to spam dodge roll after activating it so you aren’t a sitting duck)
What makes her good? She really doesn’t need promotions to be good. You could leave her at silver, you could leave her at plat, as long as she’s competing within her power bracket (and not outnumbered by like 3,000 power), she performs about the same. No one level is better or worse for her.
As for team combos, I’ll try to give a fair and balanced response to all levels, I don’t know if you are silver or plat, so I’ll just do all. For a Harbinger centered loadout, she pairs well with a plat Surge, who can speed up her reload speed. She also pairs well with a gold Odachi, who can basically finish the job if Harbinger doesn’t. Another good hero she pairs with is a Flatline of any level, who can revive her if Harbinger does get focused. Also a gold commander (if you can get him), with his perks boosting her already insane damage.


thanks for this deep insight, now I know

Because she can do quick damage and is squishy, I like pairing her with Kurtz too. It leaves other player in a lose/lose. Let Harbinger live an pick off your damage doers or take her out and deal with the giant Kurtz boots. Adding Flatline add another dimension too with revivability. Usually run Fiber and Matador as my 4th and 5th. I always pilot Harbinger and rarely lose with this combo in PVP. Level 90 for context.

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