Irezumi: How good is she?

How good is Irezumi?
How do you use her?
How to make her good?
Any good team or combo for her?

Can stack up a lot of damage in PvE, less effective in PvP. Low health and reload speed makes her not as great as a dps for PvP, however her skills can accumulate damage especially when stacked with Halo/Kiyoshi/Krieger as her venom lasts forever and can be stacked (not effective against cleansers like Kaishi). Aim to kill enemies afflicted by your venom in order to increase your damage. Fast firerate and lots of ammo gives you long sustained damage and charges your bronze quickly, but slow reload speed means once you’re stuck in a stagger loop you’re useless. Best use for her (personally) is PvE/Coop as the many enemies let you stack a lot of damage and gain huge DPS.


I have her at ruby level. This is where she shines the most
Use her with some really good support. And possibly krieger so you are able to kill enemies afflicted with your abilities much quicker

Make her good by adding as much stacks from the bronze and silver
Best pvp combo i have that solely relies on her: Zumi. Vanguard. Phalanx. Krieger. Heimlock
She is very squishy which is her only weakness.

For pve you should try avoiding all damage by using Hivemind. Serial. Fiber and krieger. This team is specifically used for danger sim

For reference, this was ages ago before Fiber was even a thought. But this should give you a good idea of how good she is, she is viable beyond wave 1000 with her buffs fully active. She is hard to use in PVP however.

Waves above 1000 have been reached with her. Theoretically it is possible to deal 15 million damage in a second. But it would take a miracle for that number to happen since that requires a LOT of factors to occur

Thanks for the insights. Now I confirmed he works well with Halos and Kiyoshi and I know her weakness is her durability in the game and takes time to fully use her skill.

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