Hard mode 11-10

Hard mode 11-10 has been a pain for months. Anyone have any teams they recommend using. A lot of people have had this problem so I’m not the odd man out. Currently, my game day roster is most of the heroes besides the evasive heimlock and all 7*. Thanks!

Panzer, heimlock, mandrake, gammond, matador.

Move panzer to escape from attack, knock down one jet at first. If you still alive, move to attack another one. You may only get one star to pass the mission, but that’s enough.

Try, good luck.

If you don’t have heimlock, butter maybe also works.

Be sure to use tank of healer or shielder to keep your dps alive.

That sounds like 11-9. OP was asking about 11-10… I still haven’t three-starred either one, though, so I’m interested in answers on both!

Oh, my oversight.

But I used the same team. Just kill steel as fast as you can, then shoot Caine. Use the buff of panzer’s bronze skill (to full hp enemies) will be great helpful. If you are lucky, you will pass. The performance of your teammates will also be crucial, but you cannot decide that. So just try when you want.

try something like this and as you don’t have Heimlock maybe swap him for Castellan for the extra health and armor? or maybe Ifrit since he’s a bio hero?

I’m having trouble here also. I finally passed with 2* using:

9* Maven
9* Nightingale
8* Mandrake
7* Heimlock
7* Matador

But Matador always dies first. I could bring my 7* dogface instead of Maven but the elemental advantage over Steele and Caine seems to work well IF everyone could stay alive

if that is the level I’m thinking of where caine is on top of the tank or whatever, I just saved dogface’s skills and just blasted caine the second he pops up. I think I had dogface, night, heimlok, mandrake, and maybe ifrit or flatline. Maybe Salvatore as a psuedotank. I can’t quite remember.


I finally passed 3* by bringing 8* Razor instead of Matador, and used Elemental frags to get Mandrake up to 9*