11-9 hard mode

Hey hunters,

Is there anyone get through hard mission 11-9?

With which team you used?

I was stocked there for a long time, it’s too difficult.

I had huge problems with this stage and I think I still have! What I eventually did was that I used Mauler and directed his skills into the “engines” of the jets which took them down super fast.
Make sure you use a proper support team like Phalanx, Heimlock and heroes that help Mauler survive.


This works with Mauler as well, but fischer is way more hilarious. Basically what you want to do is load up support with either Fischer or Mauler and use their “Slash 25% skills” on the vents. Basically a one shot if you manage a hit.

It didn’t work to me, there is not a significant damage like to destroy the plane when I use the skill…

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Oh I cannot understand how the scene in your video happens lol!

Tried the Fischer cheese this AM. Didn’t work.

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they’re fixed it